Omaha Fashion Week to Host Two Off-Site Showcases and After Party this Fall Season

July 31
1:40 2014
Omaha Fashion Week to Host Two Off-Site Showcases and After Party this Fall Season

This upcoming season Omaha Fashion Week will present two off-site designer showcases featuring designers Jenny Pool and Buf Reynolds. OFW will also have a finale after party showcasing highlights from the entire week!

Jenny Pool, Avant Garde costume designer with local theatre The Witching Hour plan on producing a show that will feature an original fairy tale by Omaha author Timothy Schaffert as well as a theatrical experience of clothes called, "Forêt des Rêves" or "forest of dreams." She will debut her collection on August 20.

"I love immersive artistic experiences," Pool said. "And I was inspired to create a collection and an experience for the audience that showcases garments that are beautiful, garments that are frightening, and things very much like clothes you did not know clothes could do."

Omaha Fashion Week veteran, Buf Reynolds, will also exhibit a collection during a late night show on August 22 called "Phaesporia-Light Bringer." Reynolds said the show represents the path of a woman's metamorphosis from dark to light.

"This show is very personal to me. It touches on many aspects of my personal life," Reynolds said of her collection. "But could take on many different meanings for others. There will be a journey to follow on the runway, and in the end it is about freedom."

Both events will take place directly after Omaha Fashion Week's nightly showcase at a separate venue located on 10th and Dodge. Doors will open at 9:30 p.m. and the show will begin at 10:15 p.m. Tickets are $20 for each show and can be purchased at:

OFW's after party will take place immediately after Saturday night's finale on August 23 featuring Deejay Sweetlife and a special presentation of the best runway looks of the week. The after party is a wrap up celebration including all the OFW designers, stylists, models and team!

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