MOSCOT Introducing the Spring 2013 Originals Collection

MOSCOT Introducing the Spring 2013 Originals Collection

MOSCOT, a New York City institution renowned worldwide for its iconic eyewear -- The MOSCOT Originals, MOSCOT Spirit, and MOSCOT Sun Collections -- has dug deep into its family archives to launch its Spring 2013 Collection, which epitomizes The MOSCOT Originals: classic, timeless styles, whose popularity has endured for decades... even centuries!

With Windsor rim inspired eyewires, intricate filigree, and other detailed features, its newest statement making metals (in a uniquely subtle way) are the perfect complement to their big, bold, iconic acetate brethren!

Introducing The BELLA, DOV, EISEN, JACOB, KLEYN, MAZEL, and The ZEV, The Spring 2013 MOSCOT Originals Collection, launching today, in New York City:

The BELLA - The female version of The YUKEL, The BELLA is named for Great Grandma Leba, whose stunning good looks compelled admirers young and old to sing out "Bella" whenever she walked (ok, shimmied...) down Delancey Street. Even we've fallen under her spell... two of our most beautiful frames are named for her! Combination metal acetate frame with diamond rivets on the front and temples, and a three barrel hinge. Available in Black/Silver, Tortoise/Gold, Black/Silver with G-15, and Tortoise/Gold with Cosmitan Brown Lenses. Price = $225-$255.

The DOV - Dr. Louis Rosenfeld, of the Lower East Side Rosenfelds, earned his medical degree in Vienna, but returned home to give back to his neighbors, dispensing medical care for two dollars a pop. He was never fond of his neighborhood appellation, "Two Dollar Lou," so he was greatly relieved when Great Grandpa Hyman anointed him "Little Dov" instead. This one's for you, Doc. Made from metal with metal eyewire, stainless steel temples, detailed filigree, and Silicon nose pads. Available in Gold, Silver, Gold with G-15 Lenses, and Silver with Calibar Green Lenses. Price = $255-$285.

The EISEN - The EISEN is named for Joseph Eisenhower (Eisen to his friends), the neighborhood banker, who spent his days counting shekels and his nights tossing dice. As the MOSCOT trusted banker, it was a (very) good thing Eisen kept these activities mutually exclusive... since under the mattress is no place for the Company till. Combination metal acetate frame with perfectly round, Windsor rim inspired eyewire, acetate temples, and Silicon nose pads. Available in Black/Gunmetal, Tortoise/Gold, Black/Gunmetal with G-15 Lenses, and Tortoise/Gold with G-15 Lenses. Price = $255-$285.

The JACOB - The JACOB perfectly recreates the Air Force Pilot Sunglass first made famous in the 1940s. There's a reason this easy to wear, casual, good-looking frame's popularity has not just endured, but soared over the decades -- it makes everyone look hot. Really hot. We promise. Made from metal with a double-bar bridge, and flexible spring temple hinges. Available in Gold, Gunmetal, Gold with Brown Gradient Lenses, and Gunmetal with Grey Gradient Lenses. Price = $255-$285.

The KLEYN - Inspired by 1860s post-Civil war era spectacles, The KLEYN is named for Great Grandpa Hyman's revered tutor, Professor Seymour Klein, who taught English to newly arrived immigrants living in the hood. Never one to quibble over trivial concerns, Professor Klein settled for Professor Kleyn, when his students consistently failed to master the "I before E rule." Made from metal with stainless steel temples, detailed filigree, and a classic saddle bridge (no nose pads!). Available in Gold/Tortoise. Price = $255-$285.