Kim Kardashian Carries One of a Kind Birkin

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Kim Kardashian received quite an interesting Christmas gift from fiance Kanye West: a $40,000 birkin bag that he then had artist George Condo create an original painting on. I always thought a birkin was a piece of art, not a blank canvas to create more art.

Papparazzi captured Kim carrying the bag on the street and Kim immediately took to Instagram to explain via hashtags:

#HandPaintedGeorgeCondo #HermesBirkin #OneofOne #ChristmasPresentFromYeezy"

Instagram instantly blew up with hate towards the bag saying things like: "Didn't think a Birkin could look like poop." "This is the ugliest bag I have ever seen, no class. Oh, that's right ... Money can't buy that!" Ouch!

NBC's online outlet looked to New York Magazine's art critic,Jerry Saltz, for his expert opinion. Saltz said, "I love Birkin bags; the painting on this one is grotesque. George Condo has made good work. This painting or cartoon stinks. For the last few years he's been making knock-offs of his own work, getting weaker and weaker. When it comes to how to handle a great bag, this is clueless. No one should pay more than ten dollars for this monstrosity and travesty of a great bag."

Who knew the world would care this much about Kim's Christmas present.

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