Get Healthy Glowing Skin with GliSODin’s All Natural Oral Antioxidant Nutrients

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Get Healthy Glowing Skin with GliSODin’s All Natural Oral Antioxidant Nutrients

Shaft Medical San Diego has announced they are now carring the full line of GliSODin Skin Nutrients Professional Nutricosmetics, the most innovative all natural oral supplements available to enhance and promote healthy, youthful, radiant skin.

The GliSODin San Diego and La Jolla family of products is based on a unique non-genetically modified melon extract, which is naturally rich in superoxide dismutase (SOD), a powerful antioxidant. These special melons which are the source of SOD, grown only in France, display an amazing natural resistance to environmental effect and actually age much slower than ordinary melons. The various GliSODin oral formulations, meant to supplement one’s usual beauty regimen, contain specially selected natural ingredients to achieve effects ranging from detoxification and slimming to skin brightening and reduced skin aging.

SOD, also called the “Enzyme of Life”, catalyzes natural antioxidant defense system, boosts immunity, and reduces accelerated aging. The cantaloupe melons from which GliSODin obtains the key ingredient to produce its products, have been found to have a shelf life four times greater to that of regular melons sold at supermarkets because of their very high levels of SOD. The production of SOD decreases with age, causing an increase in susceptibility to free radical damage, and thus makes GliSODin an essential supplement for the maintenance of good health and well-being.

The SOD from these melons have been extracted and coated with a wheat protein, gliadin, to assist in the absorption process. Oral administration of SOD without the protective barrier of gliadin has been proven ineffective. This is due to the deactivation in the stomach, causing the enzyme to lose its antioxidant capacity. However, studies have shown that GliSODin, which combines SOD from melon with gliadin, will temporarily protect the SOD during its passage through the gastro-intestinal tract to reach the small intestine for absorption.

Aging occurs when the body is limited in repairing and fighting the harmful substances that damage cells. As one ages, cells become stressed and free radicals take over. Free radicals eventually break down the cells casing inflammation, which can lead to conditions such as eczema, hyperpigmentation, collagen breakdown, wrinkles, and sagging skin. Oxidation causes the skin to lose elasticity resulting in wrinkles. One SOD molecule can attack a free radical and move on to the next targeting up to 1 million free radicals whereas secondary antioxidants like vitamin C and cocoa can only kill one free radical at a time. By taking GliSODin, cellular damage is reduced, which in turn slows down the process of aging.

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