FashionMenswear Attended Micam Shoe Expo in Italy

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FashionMenswear Attended Micam Shoe Expo in Italy

FashionMenswear took part of this year's MICAM Shoe Expo in Italy and announced that this season's selection is sure to exceed their customer's expectations.

Reflecting the marriage of Italian craftsmanship and world class design, Fashion Menswear has assembled a collection geared to the fashion conscious American male ranging from the classic mens shoes styles to the decidedly avant garde.

Giovanni Marquez, CEO of FashionMenswear, would like to remind consumers of what makes Italian shoes the benchmark of quality and style.

It all starts with the design. Menswear is based on tradition and an enduring array of classic designs from which variations and interpretations are built upon

The same is true of mens shoes. Although Oxford lace-ups, loafers, the Derby etc. are the staples of mens footwear, new technologies and materials allow us to re-design the basics and create stunning variations sure to please the most jaded customer. Mens modern wardrobe requires, at times, a different note for the perfect complement. Exotic leathers, weaves and stamping, to name a few, are some of the techniques and materials that can further the look of contemporary mens shoes.

Each design requires a different sole, method of construction and leather(s). These choices create shoes with unique character defining their use: for the office, for entertaining, for a night out or simply for casual wear.

"It all starts with a thorough assessment of the current trends in mens clothing-the fabrics, colors, textures and silhouettes of the season" says Giovanni Marquez.

FashionMenswear is uniquely qualified to decode the fashion zeitgeist when it comes to menswear. "We have been curating mens fashion for 42 years and our customer base expects the best the world has to offer" says Giovanni Marquez. Our fashion instincts have been honed to anticipate what the customers will want season after season.

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