Fashion Photo of the Day 8/29/13 - Hayden Panettiere

August 29
3:42 2013

I almost didn't recognize Hayden Panettiere at David Letterman last night. The usually girl-next-door, bubbly blonde went for a bold new look with what looks like a wig with some very blunt bangs. I am all for experimenting with fashion but this goes a bit too far for me and boarders on trashy, especially when Panettiere is such a natural beauty. Why hide that?

Let's focus first on the good parts - the Alexander McQueen dress. We've seen similar versions on a few starlets before and I don't think I will ever get tired it. The pattern and colors are fun and the silhouette is super sexy. Plus it's not hard to flatter Panettiere's athletic figure. But that's where Panettiere should have stopped! The dress offers you everything you need to look great and she went a little overboard. I am not a fan of the yellow-y blond, pin straight hair and blunt cut bangs. I think it overwhelms her face and honestly looks like a bad wig. That combined with the cherry red lipstick and red booties (Saint Laurent) is just too much! She looks like she should be street walking not guesting on David Letterman.

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Fashion Photo of the Day 8/29/13 - Hayden Panettiere
Hayden Panettiere at 'Late Show with David Letterman' (Photo by REX USA/MediaPunch Inc)

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