Dogeared Jewels & Gifts Introduces State of Mine & Charm Collection

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Dogeared Jewels & Gifts Introduces State of Mine & Charm Collection

Dogeared Jewels & Gifts announced the launch of State of Mine – a jewelry collection featuring 10 personalized state charms. The new collection joins Charm Dynasty, a fun assortment of Chinese Zodiac animals that launched earlier this month.

With huge success and attention on Dogeared's original I Love California concept necklace, a high volume of customer requests came in from proud residents of other states. With an all-new look and card design, Dogeared's State of Mine collection makes its debut on November 29th, introducing charms for Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington, each on their own custom card. Each necklace is available in sterling silver ($48) and gold dipped ($58).

In addition to State of Mine, Dogeared celebrates The Year of the Dragon by launching a complete Chinese Zodiac collection, Charm Dynasty. Overflowing with fun and unique energy, these tiny charms have big character – personalizing individuals' inner animal based on their year of birth. Whether you are the Year of the Horse, Monkey, Dog, Sheep, Rooster, Pig, Rat, Ox, Tiger, Dragon, or Snake, Dogeared captures your spirit in these 16" necklaces. Each necklace is presented on a custom card and is available in sterling silver ($48) and gold dipped ($58).

"Our State of Mine collection began with our very popular California state charm. People always wanted to know when we'd get around to making a charm for their home state – so that got the ball rolling there," commented Marcia Maizel-Clarke, Dogeared founder and designer. "Charm Dynasty evolved as we started to think about ways to celebrate the Year of the Dragon…..we are ALWAYS looking for new reasons and occasions to celebrate, and the Chinese zodiac symbols offered another opportunity to create jewelry that is really personal. That's what Dogeared is all about – finding ways to celebrate the unique spirit of each person."

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