20 New Styles of Fashion Watches Now at Bella Fashion

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20 New Styles of Fashion Watches Now at Bella Fashion

Bella Fashion now has 20 new styles of fashion watches. Located in the "Bracelet Watches" section, the gorgeous new arrivals will make for stunning gifts and holiday season accessories. 

Since the introduction of fashion watches to the Bella Fashion family, the useful and stunning accessories have provided the perfect blend of practicality and ultimate style. The category of watches, popular for their timeless elegance and graceful, intricate designs, is constantly growing, and these 20 new styles appeal to shoppers with refined tastes.

For example, the amber, orange, and topaz toned new arrival evokes the spirit of late autumn, overlaid with luxurious crystals. Shoppers will also love the purple floral watch, a new arrival that features beautiful orchid colored crystals arranged in a vivid, blooming design. The gold trim perfectly accents the accessory and adds to the royal, garden-like effect. A lighter, lavender crystal embellished fashion watch also joins the new arrivals, with a silver rim along the bangle watch's band for a wintry garden look that can inspire many outfits and styles.

For fans of graceful and timeless watches, the beautiful white and clear crystal covered watch is ideal. Reminding the wearers of a snowy winter morning, this winter-perfect piece can easily be worn with any color or shade. An arrival that appeals to lovers of vintage items is the antique-like watch, which features a watch face rimmed with amber colored crystals.

In addition, with the wide variety of new arrivals, customers can also opt for multi-colored, bolder designs. One new arrival comes covered in pink, blue, purple, and red crystals in a fascinating floral design. The gold-trimmed floral flowers make this watch a must-see, as well as its mostly purple counterpart.

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