The Robert Simon Art Foundation Awards Otto Piene the First German Light-Art Prize

CELLE, Germany, December 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/

Otto Piene has been named to receive the first German Light-Art award from the Robert Simon Art Foundation in recognition of the world famous artist's life achievement. The 10,000 Euro Light-Art prize will be presented at the Art Museum Celle in January. The award is to be presented every two years.

As a Light-Art visionary Otto Piene has had world-wide influence. He enabled the planets to dance and sculptures to rise in the heavens. As founder of ZERO, Piene is one of Germany's best-known Light-Artists and since the 1950's a pioneer of this art form.. With his light ballets, fire pictures monumental, illuminated sky sculptures he greatly influenced the post-war development of Light-Art, not only in Germany but internationally. For many years Otto Piene was director of the Center for Advanced Visual Studies (CAVS) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA. The artist lives near Boston and in Dusseldorf.

Otto Piene is being honored by a museum whose founder has also pioneered Light-Art. When Robert Simon patented "The first 24-hour Art Museum of the World" in 1998 he was the first museum director to emphasize international Light-Art as the museum's main focal point and to systematically present new exhibitions. Today the Robert Simon Foundation's Light-Art collection is one of the largest such collections in Germany.

Presently the Art Museum Celle, with support from the federal government, is showing the first part of a comprehensive overview "Spotlight", Light-Art in the 21 st Century. 30 outstanding artists are demonstrating state of German Light-Art today. More information at


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