New York Institute of Photography Announces New Photo Classes on Udemy

New York Institute of Photography Announces New Photo Classes on Udemy

New York, NY

This week, the New York Institute of Photography, the world's largest and longest running photography school, has launched two introductory photography classes on Udemy. The courses, part of a series of special offers from the school called the "Secrets of Photography," are available to the public on for $20 each.

The first course, titled Developing Your Eye, starts with a simple concept. Throw away your camera manual. If you want to take better photographs, it starts with the way you look at the world. This course will teach you how to see the world like a photographer.

The second course, titled 10 Tips for Great Photographs, outlines key techniques that professional photographers use to capture inspiring images. Students will learn how to make their photos more powerful in any situation.

"You can take these concepts and apply them to your work, whether you're shooting with a high-end DSLR, point-and-shoot camera, or simply a smartphone," said Jay Johnson, NYIP's Education Director.

Both classes contain beautifully illustrated lessons and high-quality videos featuring some of NYIP's experts and mentors sharing their tips as well as their work that illustrate key points. The courses are a teaser for what students who enroll in the New York Institute of Photography can expect. They are intended for anyone with an interest in photography.

"NYIP's series is a great example of an organization using Udemy to make quality courses accessible to a broader audience," said Frank Visciano, Director of Content at Udemy. "NYIP has helped students become talented and successful photographers, and we are thrilled to have them bring their expertise to Udemy."