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MAX WARSH: BILDER Runs Through Feb 24 at Toomer Labzda Gallery

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Toomer Labzda presents Max Warsh's first solo show in New York. The exhibition title, BILDER-German for "pictures"- speaks to Warsh's interest in the dialogue between framing and building images. It will beon view through February 24, 2013.

Warsh's recent series of photo-based works look at the repetitive language of architectural facades through a process of photographing, collecting, cutting, painting and rebuilding. Bold painted shapes emerge amidst densely patterned brick or tile, forming a visual syntax derived from the psychological experience of moving through a city.

Additionally, conveyor belts removed from the flows of production, hang motionless in the gallery. These readymades share a common vocabulary with warsh's photographic work and his reinterpretation of systems of ornamentation and construction.


Where are you from / Where's your studio? New York City / Ridgewood, Queens

What do you use most often in your studio? I always have a big jug of book-binding glue in the center of my studio. it holds everything together.

What is your favorite part of the creative process? Most of my work starts by wandering around in unfamiliar places and neighborhoods. Or by walking down the same street over and over again and seeing something that's been right in front of me but I might have missed. So, walking would have to be my favorite part.

What is your earliest memory of art? I can't recall any specific early encounter with art, but do remember sitting through many poetry readings as a child-my parents are both poets. then, a little later, but still early on, I remember becoming interested in graffiti. I was never any kind of serious graffiti writer, but some friends were, and i was just interested in that type of mark-making.

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The Bush Dilemma Has The Art World's Panties in a BunchThe Bush Dilemma Has The Art World's Panties in a Bunch
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