Himalayan Stove Project Announces Mount Everest Art Print Fundraiser

Himalayan Stove Project Announces Mount Everest Art Print Fundraiser

The Himalayan Stove Project (HSP) brings awareness to the devastating effects of household air pollution (HAP) and its mission is to distribute clean cookstoves in the most remote regions of the Himalayas where millions of people, including children, are affected. Lung diseases such as pneumonia have the most devastating effects, killing more than 23 people each day in Nepal.* Today, it announces a fundraising initiative featuring its "Limited Edition 50 th Anniversary of Everest" art print for a donation of $250.

"The Himalayan Stove Project is improving the lives and the environment of the people and communities of the Trans-Himalayan region by distributing clean-burning, vented cookstoves," George Basch, 'Chief Cook' and Founder of the Himalayan Stove Project, said. "This is a transformational effort. We believe that each of us have a moral responsibility to 'give back' to this world, in whatever form dances in our hearts."

To raise funds and awareness, The Himalayan Stove Project is commemorating the 50 th Anniversary of the first US Ascent of Mount Everest with its limited edition print "Everest 1963-2013." The creation of the art print was sponsored, funded and supported by lead sponsor Eddie Bauer; as well as adidas Outdoor sports; MSR (Mountain Safety Research); Kahtoola; and the Taos Milagro Rotary Club.

All contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. To help make a difference, and to get your copy of this historic, limited edition print, please make a donation by visiting our website at: http://www.himalayanstoveproject.org/

As George explained, "Our intent at the Himalayan Stove Project is to promote awareness of an enormous but almost 'unknown' global health and environmental issue. We are staffed by volunteers, with all funds devoted to clean cookstove distribution. We are profoundly grateful for individual support of our initiative."

Basch chose this particular global non-profit path as a world traveler who always loved the Himalayas. It is also in honor of the life of his late son, Paul Basch, who died far too young.

"I admire the kind and generous people who live, quite primitively, in this often-times harsh environment," George explained. "The stoves which we bring into the region make an enormous difference, immediately, in the lives and health of each family, and are gentler on the environment. It's really that simple - give a stove, change a life and support the environment! We are doing this!"