Debbie Davies Brings 'The I Love You Project' to the 48-Hour-Neukölln Art Festival in Berlin Today

Debbie Davies Brings 'The I Love You Project' to the 48-Hour-Neukölln Art Festival in Berlin Today

The videos and photographs on display include multi-cultural participants living in Barcelona, Frankfurt, and Giessen. Images were captured by New York-based Davies using a digital microscope camera; sound recording and music composition by Germany-based Schön, and editing by New York-based Kendall Smith and Santina Amato. This exhibition is part a global initiative celebrating diversity and uniting people within communities by expressing love within the context of a visual art form.

In March 2011 The I Love You Project was conducted in Raval, Spain. New York artist Debbie T. Davies used a digital electronic microscope camera to capture videos and photos of 82 people saying "I love you" in 18 languages for an exhibition in Barcelona, Spain. In summer 2012, she visited Frankfurt and Giessen in Germany and captured images of over 80 people representing 32 languages for the Hessen version of the project. The digital microscope camera creates unexpected images that play with skin tone, contrast, color, speed, and light in unexpected ways. Participants say "I Love You" into the camera in whatever language they prefer. German sound artist Julius Schön records voices separately and creates an original music soundtrack to include all participants. The result is a multi-media installation; an immersive experience sharing the diverse faces and voices of the people who live and work in these cities. Video edited by Kendall Smith, Santina Amato, and Debbie Davies, is projected onto screens and plays continuously. Photos are displayed connected to each other to form a large mosaic wall hanging.

Through this project, the artists hope to unite residents, and show that change begins through love. This project is the part of an ambitious global initiative to reproduce this experience in other cities. In Berlin, during the 48 Hour Neukolln festival, Davies and Schön will record visitors in both a gallery [Schillerpalais] and restaurant [La Pecora Nera] setting. Due to the high immigrant population of the area, they hope to yield an enormous number of images and languages to become part of a future exhibition in Germany.


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