Brooklyn Navy Yard Presents “Making It in NYC: the Era of New Manufacturing” Exhibit, Talks, and Tours

Brooklyn Navy Yard Presents “Making It in NYC: the Era of New Manufacturing” Exhibit, Talks, and Tours

From 19th Century warships to 21st Century high-tech military gear, lifesaving drug discoveries to life-changing technologies, world-renowned furniture to world-class fashion, the Brooklyn Navy Yard and greater New York City have long been fertile ground for entrepreneurial manufacturers and makers.

To celebrate the New York Makers Movement past, present, and future, the Brooklyn Navy Yard will stage a free, interactive, multimedia exhibit at BLDG 92 as well as offer to the public a series of panel discussions and factory tours. The exhibit and programs will run from May 16 through the end of the year.

"There's an extraordinary history of manufacturing in the Brooklyn Navy Yard and throughout New York City, history that is mirrored in what's happening in the Maker Movement today," said David Ehrenberg, President and CEO of the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation. "A lot of our companies are at the intersection of industry, technology, and innovation. They're not making apps to sell for millions of dollars. They're focused on making high-quality products, physical products, products that are transforming lives. They might not receive all the headlines, but what they're doing is essential for local job creation and the wellbeing of our economy."

Titled "Making It in NYC: the Era of New Manufacturing," the exhibit and programs will be divided into five industry groups - Energy & Resiliency, Furnishing & Home Goods, Tech & Media, Building & Construction, Fashion & Apparel - and feature the contributions of 30 New York business, including MHT Lighting (energy efficient products), Ferra Designs (metal fabrication and design), Solidoodle (3D printers), Scott Jordan (furniture), and Hanky Panky (women's lingerie and "The World's Most Comfortable Thong").

Additional Navy Yard businesses featured in the exhibit include IceStone, OgoSport, Lumi-Solair, Spuni, Capsys, Campos Bags, and Crye Precision.

"Making It in NYC: the Era of New Manufacturing" kicks off with a hands-on, state-of-the-art exhibit at BLDG 92 constructed by Yard-based SITU Studio. The exhibition design consists of 70 interlocking perforated and folded aluminum composite panels that support and frame the diverse content of the show. Functioning as a 3D pegboard, the adaptable display incorporates a degree of flexibility that anticipates the dynamism of the NYC maker scene. Visitors are invited to actively engage with and even operate the objects featured in the exhibition.

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