Bridgeman Art Library Joins, the stock, archival and news footage search engine, announced today that Bridgeman Art Library, the world's leading specialist in the distribution of fine art, cultural and historical media for reproduction, has joined its network of Zap Email partners. A longstanding tool of the footage trade, the Zap Email enables creative professionals to send their footage requests instantly to over 50 top footage houses via a single email. Zap users will now receive relevant responses from Bridgeman Art Library alongside's other great Zap partners, including Getty Images, NBC News Archives and Shutterstock.

"Adding a new partner like Bridgeman Art strengthens our Zap network and helps us deliver better results to our users," said David Seevers. "Zap users are frequently looking for highly specific footage, so having their requests reach an esteemed specialist like Bridgeman Art Library means they have a better chance of finding the exact clip they're after."

With over 40 years in the business, Bridgeman Art Library is the world's most comprehensive resource for fine art, cultural and historical imagery for licensing. In 2013 the company launched Bridgeman Footage, and now offers a full complement of clips including historical archive footage, artist profiles and biographies, archeological sites, world travel and culture. Some of the represented collections are exclusive to Bridgeman and have not been sold commercially before, adding to the uniqueness of this archive.

" is dedicated to helping companies like Bridgeman Art Library connect in real-time with creatives in search of stock footage," said Seevers. "Bridgeman Art has a rich collection of historical, art and cultural footage, and will introduce our Zap users to some hard-to-find gems."

More information about Bridgeman Footage, including showreels, can be found on the company website.

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The Bush Dilemma Has The Art World's Panties in a BunchThe Bush Dilemma Has The Art World's Panties in a Bunch
by Barry Kostrinsky