ArtSkills' Launches Free Online Poster Gallery

ArtSkills' Launches Free Online Poster Gallery

EASTON, Pa., April 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ ArtSkills, the leading manufacturer of poster board accessories, launches its upgraded Poster Gallery on Picture the scenario: It's Sunday night, and your child informs you she has a poster project due tomorrow, a/k/a the "Sunday Night Blues." ArtSkills' free Poster Gallery, at, provides thousands of ideas to transform poster panic into poster prowess.

Ideas are the most difficult part of poster making, and ArtSkills' Poster Gallery provides ideas for titles, layout, photos, text, and embellishments with lights, sound, motion, glitter, etc. ArtSkills' Poster Gallery has hundreds of searchable samples listing materials you need, instructions, and stores carrying each item.

Don't dash to the store without direction or ideas. Check the Poster Gallery on to plan your poster strategy. Just search by keywords or category for all the ideas you could want.

Parents of procrastinators rejoice as ArtSkills' Poster Gallery ends late night frustration. "The hour gets late and you send your child to bed while you stay up half the night to finish the poster," says Michele Demsky, Creative Director & Co-Owner of ArtSkills. Michele, mother of three children, is an expert in poster making because of her own Sunday Night Blues. "Parents subject themselves to this," she explains, "because we know the anxiety of public presentation, and that creating a poster your child is proud of assures our own sense of peace. More than just a last-minute homework assignment, your child's self-esteem is at stake. All children should experience the pride and security they'll feel when classmates and teachers marvel at their poster. That's why we created the Poster Gallery, and why we provide it for free." ArtSkills' Poster Gallery and innovative products make poster making easy, and children have fun creating winning posters without last-minute parent intervention.

Michele can demonstrate in person how to create an easier, faster, better "A+" poster with state-of-the-art, innovative ArtSkills products. She shares poster ideas, layout instructions, eye-catching accessories and tips so your student becomes THE "Poster Child." She offers insight into how attractive posters develop public presentation skills and prepare students for their future. When children unveil their poster and hear "oohs" and "aahs" from peers, they become confident, and lose their fear of public speaking. This confidence lasts through school and into the boardroom where they are become leaders and communicators - and ArtSkills is there to help, all along the way.

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