Art in City Hall to Celebrate Employees & Family, Begin. Tomorrow

Art In City Hall in collaboration with the National Arts Program Foundation, presents The 14th National Arts Program Exhibition at Philadelphia, featuring approximately 150 works of art by City of Philadelphia employees and their families. The exhibition is open to the general public from December 18 to February 28, 2014 and is located on the second and fourth floors of City Hall, NE corner. A reception is scheduled for Wednesday, December 18th on the second floor hallway near the Office of the Mayor, Room 215, from 5-7 pm.

The National Arts Program exhibition is an annual celebration of artistic achievement within the City's workforce. It is also an art contest where participants within five different classifications: Professional, Intermediate, Amateur, Teens 13-19 and Youth 12 and Under compete for cash awards. This year's judge is Craig Stover, the Executive Director of Allen's Lane Art Center. The Best-in-Show award was decided by Mayor Michael A. Nutter.

Participants of this year's exhibit come from numerous departments and agencies. The following is a list of this year's winners and the departments they represent:

Joseph Sannutti, Dept. of Behavioral Health
Wayne Stewart, Prisons Dept. family member

Chris Windle, Parks and Recreation, 1st Place
Lara Cantu-Hertzler, Law Dept. family, 2nd place
Joel Jenkins, Office of Supportive Housing. 3rd place

Jean-Marie Landham, DHS family, 1st place
Peter Appelbaum, DHS, 2nd place
Wayne Stewart, Prisons Dept. family, 3rd place

Patricia Randolph, Free Library family, 1st place
Jennifer Quinn, Law Dept., 2nd place
Victoria Weiss, Air Management Services, 3rd place

Teens (family members)
Hillary Jia Do, DOT, 1st place
Damali Beatty, Revenue, 2nd place
Megan Horst, Revenue, 3rd place

Youth Under 12 (Family Members)
Shamar R. Brown, First Judicial Courts, 1st place
Kamaeron Ola, License and Inspections, 2nd place
Aneesah Long, Dept. of Behavioral Health, 3rd place

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The Bush Dilemma Has The Art World's Panties in a BunchThe Bush Dilemma Has The Art World's Panties in a Bunch
by Barry Kostrinsky