Patrick Hamilton¬'s ROPE Returns to New York City, 1/26-2/13



In 1929, PatRick Hamilton wrote the groundbreaking play Rope, in which two undergraduates plot and execute the murder of an innocent classmate as an exercise in intellectual superiority. The killers place the body in a chest and then host a cocktail party, serving food and drink from the make-shift coffin to guests, including the boy's family. As the evening progresses and liquor is poured, the young killers become increasingly bold until the action spirals out of control toward its unsettling yet satisfying finale. This highly physical, energetic production transplants the play from London to New York, just before the crash of '29, providing a Jazz Age backdrop for Hamilton's gripping thriller.

Rope opens on January 26th at the Access Theater under the direction of Christopher Shepard. The production will star Nate Grams as Wyndham Brandon, Martin Meccouri as Charles Granillo, and Alex Birnie as Rupert Cadell. The supporting cast includes Laura King, Lincoln Hayes, Liz Wasser, Josh Tewell and Teddy Lytle.

Random Access Theatre Company is proud to open their 2012 season with Rope. Also planned are a summer production of Twelfth Night and a fall staging of Sophie Treadwell's Machinal. Now in its second ambitious season, Random Access Theatre Company values working in the moment and choosing projects that drive and inspire. The company brings a fresh eye to the classics and explores new work as if it were classic text. Random Access Theatre's 2012 Season will provide collaborating theatre artists with opportunities to earn wider recognition for the socially relevant work we're invested in and the artistic excellence that is our standard.

Rope by PatRick Hamilton, Directed by Christopher Shepard
Starring: Nate Grams, Martin Meccouri, and Alex Birnie
Run: January 26th-February 13th
The Access Theater in Tribeca
380 Broadway at White Street, 4th floor


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