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Hugh Jackman Talks THE WOLVERINE & New Trailer

Hugh Jackman Talks THE WOLVERINE & New TrailerBroadway and Hollywood superstar Hugh Jackman gives MTV the 411 on the two new trailers for THE WOLVERINE that have been released in the last 24 hours and reveals his fierce dedication to the hairy, sharp-clawed mutant he has essayed throughout the X-MEN franchise, which will continue beyond THE WOLVERINE with X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST.

Jackman excitedly explains that the premise for THE WOLVERINE is an exceptional one. He says, "It is one of the most intriguing, interesting and actually one of the most dominant parts of the comic book lore - Wolverine in Japan, or the Japanese Saga; or, 'the Samurai Saga' it's been called."

He relates that this story has been one he has been wanting to tell onscreen for decades, "I think it - from the very first X-MEN I did in 1999... I saw the comic book [for the Samurai Saga] and I said, 'This is a good movie,'" he remembers.

As for the timeline of THE WOLVERINE, Jackman relates, "The movie takes place... after X-MEN 3."

In describing the Wolverine of THE WOLVERINE, Jackman reveals, "He realizes he is part of the problem... so, he has divorced himself from the world."

As for that Epic train scene glimpsed in the trailer? "It was hairy shooting that stuff!" Jackman says with a laugh.

Jackman makes another return to the mega-successful X-MEN franchise later this year when he steps in front of cameras to shoot in X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, directed by Bryan Singer, which will feature some heavyweight fellow thespians such as frequent crossover stars Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy.

Of note to X-MEN fans, Famke Janssen returns to the franchise for THE WOLVERINE, reprising her central role of Jean Grey from the previous films. Initially, the noted actress's involvement was rumored but not confirmed by the powers-that-be but it is now indeed a fact of the franchise.

Jackman says, "There's no doubt that the most important relationship in his life that we've seen through these movies is this relationship with Jean Grey. And, yes, we saw her die at the end of X-MEN: THE LAST STAND, but in this movie she has a presence which I think is vital...."

THE WOLVERINE arrives in movie theaters on July 26.

Check out yesterday's story on the first trailer released here.

Check out Jackman discussing THE WOLVERINE in full below, followed by the new trailer.

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