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Felicia Ricci Pens WICKED Memoir, 'Unnaturally Green'

October 12
6:46 PM 2011


Felicia Ricci, former standby for Elphaba in the San Francisco company of Wicked, has just released Unnaturally Green, a humorous memoir that journeys backstage of the megahit musical. From her audition, to rehearsals, to performances, readers get a firsthand account of the entire process-its challenges, quirks, and rewards.

Ricci, a Yale English graduate who played Elphaba over 40 times, calls Wicked her "first professional gig," since it earned her a production contract and entry into Actor's Equity. Her memoir leads you on a journey through the eyes of a newcomer, as she describes all that a seasoned professional might otherwise take for granted.

"Unnaturally Green is procedural - since it answers the question, 'what's it actually like?' - and personal, since it's very much about self-discovery," says Ricci. "Plus, it's funny (hopefully!), and revelatory; before I did Wicked, I had literally no concept of what it would be like, moment to moment, to become incorporated into a huge musical. I think fans of theater, Wicked, or aspiring actors will appreciate this up-close and personal glimpse."

At its core, Unnaturally Green is a memoir about overcoming (or, in the end, embracing) one's "greenness" in order to accomplish something that at one point seemed impossible. For appreciators of theater and coming-of-age stories, Unnaturally Green will inform, entertain, and make you laugh.

Available for purchase on UnnaturallyGreen.com and Amazon.com, or as an e-book on Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, or any Apple iBookstore product. Published by BookBaby and Amazon CreateSpace.


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