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Diane Paulus On The Artistic Appeal Of FINDING NEVERLAND

July 22
12:30 AM 2014

Diane Paulus On The Artistic Appeal Of FINDING NEVERLANDMulti-award-winning director Diane Paulus discusses her initial inspiration for joining the creative team of FINDING NEVERLAND and the artistic appeal of the new screen-to-stage musical project as part of a new interview.

Shedding some light on what drew her to the new musical, Paulus shares, "I loved the behind-the-scenes aspect of this story, what it takes to create something really transformational."

Elaborating, Paulus says, "That appealed to me ... that artistic risk-taking."

Furthermore, Paulus addresses adapting an entity from one medium to another, as is the case with FINDING NEVERLAND.

"A film can become a musical if you can see a place where a musical can express something more than the film can," Paulus opines.

Paulus amusingly adds, "That was my hook into it, no pun intended."

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