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The United Solo Festival presents The MisEducation of Ms. Freeman, written and performed by Alaina Freeman and directed by Susan Campanaro, on Wednesday, October 9, 2019 at 3:30pm at The Studio Theater at Theater Row. Already a festival bestseller, The MisEducation of Ms. Freeman sold out its first show and now has added a second performance on Saturday, October 12, 2019 at 7:30pm. Sometimes a little dose of reality wrapped in humor and a little bit of humor goes a long way when discussing adverse realities. That is where Alaina Freeman comes in.

Alaina Freeman is a theater teacher in the South Bronx, Fulbright Scholar and recipient of the 2019 Distinguished Teacher and Trailblazer Award. She is also the creator of the one-woman show, The MisEducation of Ms. Freeman.

Alaina Freeman plays numerous characters that she has encountered during her years as an educator. Her humorous portrayal of herself as Ms. Freeman the teacher, the school secretary with a personality of a Fort Knox security guard, difficult and frustrated parents, a principle who gives no guidance and assorted students who give a realistic idea of what actually takes place in a New York City classroom.

This roller coaster of experiences has Ms. Freeman questioning why she became a teacher in the first place. Her play is timely and poignant. A Public Agenda survey showed that 56 percent of new teachers said that they did not have enough practical guidance in handling classroom challenges. You literally have to play many roles as a teacher. In using humor, research shows that her message is more likely to be internalized because it helps people let their guard down and be more open to ideas.....Change.

Her message is meant for everyone! Lovers of children, parents, guardians, school administrators and even legislators could use a peak at the unrealistic expectations often put on teachers, especially in low-income neighborhoods. But most of all, it's an ode to teachers who carry on and change lives despite the odds stacked against their succeeding.

Alaina Freeman is available to speak about the show, the impact it's having and the upcoming inclusion in the 10th anniversary of the United Solo Fest. I look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your consideration.

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