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17th Annual Midtown International Theatre Festival Kicks Off Today

The 17th Annual MIDTOWN INTERNATIONAL THEATRE FESTIVAL, runs today, July 16, through August 7, 2016 at The WORKSHOP'S MAIN STAGE & JEWEL BOX, 312 W 36TH STREET.

While the skyline currently glitters with theatre festivals, there was a time when the Midtown International Theatre Festival was one of only two! John Chatterton has helped set the gold standard for presenting new and exciting independent theatrical works in New York. This year - with a booming variety section, a prominently-placed Short Play Lab, a burgeoning Short Film Lab, nearly 60 productions - with a record number of musical presentations (including an opera) - as well as an astounding number of international works, the 17th Annual Midtown International Theatre Festival once again proves itself to be one of the best reasons to stay in New York in July!

SINGULAR SENSATIONS - ONE PERSON SHOWS-------------------------------------------

A CHRONIC LINE written, directed, and performed by Adrian Miranda. Physical Therapist Adrian Miranda brings us A CHRONIC LINE: Theatre RX: Music & Medicine. Wed 8/03 @ 6:00pm; Sat 8/06 @ 7:00pm

ACUTE...GIRL directed by Christine Renee Miller; written by and starring Julia Sun. Amateur modeling gigs, mail-in beauty pageants, How much bullsh*t can a girl put up with just to have nice things to wear?! Tues 7/19@ 7:15pm; Sat 7/23 @7:00pm; Sun 7/24 @ 6:00pm

BORN FAT by Jacques Lamarre, directed by Steven Raider-Ginsburg; starring April Woodall. A woman takes the audience on a roller coast ride from fat to thin to fat again and will make you laugh and cry and laugh again as she explores our nation's morbid reactions to obesity and body image. Wed 7/20 @ 6:00pm; Fri 7/22 @ 9:15pm; Sun 7/24 @ 12:00pm

DIVAHOLIC written and performed by Heather Siebert Some people are addicted to drugs, she's addicted to Divas! A one-woman show about diva worship, shattered illusions, self-discovery, and reclaiming one's life. Tues 8/02 @ 7:45pm; Sat 8/06 @ 7:00pm; Sun 8/07 @ 3:30pm

WOMAN SEEKS GOD by LaurePorché, directed by Kate Szekely; starring Laure Porché. A young woman's quest for meaning intersects with her ancestor's quest for a home in this one-person exploration through time, movement and words. Fri 8/05 @ 7:15pm; Sat 8/06 @ 2:15pm

FEEL THE BEAT OF MUSICAL MITF-------------------------------------------

FURNITURE: THE MUSICAL by Natalie Lifson, composer Jeffrey Schmelkin, directed by Sean O'Shea; "If these walls can talk" ... what if they could sing? A college freshman's dorm room comes alive in this clever new musical. Wed 7/27 @6:00pm; Fri 7/29 @ 7:45pm; Sun 7/31 @ 2:45pm.

GLOCKCOMA by Robert Rotay, starring Loni Akerman. Keep an eye on this new musical Presented under an Actors Equity Agreement. Wed 7/27 @ 8:30pm; Fri 7/29 @ 6:00pm; Sun 7/31 @ 1:00pm.

INSOMNIA: A NEW MUSICAL Music and Lyrics by Charles Bloom, book by Theo Wolf, directed by Ovi Vargas. Awake and Sing! Presented under an Actors Equity Agreement. Tues 8/02 @ 7:45pm; Wed 8/03 @ 7:45pm; Fri 8/05 @ 6:00pm; Sun 8/07 @ 1:45pm.

LETTERS TO ZOEY: A PLAY WITH MUSIC by Garrett Buhl Robinson; starring Garrett Buhl Robinson. Take a journey through lyrical letters and foot stomping songs on a young man's search for liberation and love. Tues 7/26 @ 8:15pm; Sat 7/30 @ 4:15pm; Sun 7/31 @ 7:00pm.

MARTIN SHKRELI'S GAME: HOW Bill Murray JOINED THE WU-TANG-CLAN by Lauren Gundrum and Joel Esher. Who else but Bill Murray would team-up with the Wu-Tang Clan to steal back their priceless album from pharma bro, Martin Shkreli. Tues 7/19 @ 8:00pm; Wed 7/20 @ 8:30pm; Fri 7/22 @ 6:00pm; Sat 7/23 @ 4:15pm; Sun 7/24 @ 3:30pm; Sun 7/31 @ 7:30pm.

MOZART AND SALIERI by Alexander Pushkin, directed by Csaba Hernadi and Igor Jarovinsky. (Opera) This operatic version of Pushkin's one act from The Little Tragedies takes us down another corridor of the famed musical rivalry. Thurs 7/28 @ 7:00pm; Fri 7/29 @ 9:15pm; Sat 7/30 @ 1:30pm.

NAE-CHIN-GU-NEUN-SIN-BAL-DO-DUK (MY FRIEND IS A SHOE BURGLAR) by Ye-seong Hong, directed by Seung-il Shin. Can you count the holes of a sieve? When you do then the fantasies begin. Tues 8/02 @ 6:00pm; Fri 8/05 @8:30pm; Sun 8/07 @ 4:15pm.

SPAGHETTI PLAY by Suzann Capra, directed by Suzann Capra; starring Mark Gettis and Carole Boniece. If EAT can become ATE then I will skip EAT, go right to ATE and lose WEIGHT. TEA isn't fattening is it? Wed 8/03 @ 7:45pm; Fri 8/05@ 6:00pm; Sun 8/07 @ 2:15pm.

GUTLESS & GRATEFUL: A one-woman musical autobiography of Amy Oestreicher, who takes her audience on a comedic journey of hope, resilience, and gratitude after a blood clot caused her stomach to literally explode at 18 years old. Sat 8/06@ 8:30pm.

ALSO PLAYING: FROM RUSSIA, WITH LOVE by Fernanda Douglas and Danielle Smith. (Musical) Mon 7/18 @ 6:00pm;Sat 7/23 @ 8:00pm; Sun 7/24 @ 5:15pm.

COMEDY IS LIKE CHOCOLATE - LIGHT & DARK -------------------------------------------

ALTHEA, SHE WENT TO HELL by John Barrow, directed by Cecelia Riddett; starring Deborah Mahaney, Craig Myers, Stephen Bradbury, Maryam Benganga, Kelly Taylor, Tom Miller, and Mark Speyer. After Rev. "Boy" Boykin, Jr.'s megachurch and television ministry lose money and his wife, Althea, leaves him, DEATH arrives to claim him. That's when all hell breaks loose! Presented under an Actors Equity Agreement. Mon 7/25 @ 6:00pm; Thurs 7/27 @ 6:00pm; Sat 7/30 @ 2:45pm

MR. MELVILLE'S PLAYHOUSE by David Lally, directed by David Lally; starring Trent Carson, Rachel Palmer Jones, Steven Lally, Ignacyo Matynia, Bob Leeds*, Amy L. Smith*, and Timothy Weinert*. Let the fun begin! Mr. Melville's so excited 'cause all his friends have been invited to go wacky, at Mr. Melville's Playhouse! Sounds like a children's show but... Presented under an Actors Equity Agreement. Wed 7/27 @ 7:15pm; Fri 7/29 @ 9:00pm; Sun 7/31 @ 4:00pm.

LIFE IN THE BIG CITY by Michael F. Bruck, directed by Michael F. Bruck; starring Louise Gallanda, Mike Callahan,Lawrence Frank, and Sharon Shah. A wife shares a shocking secret with her husband and a widow and widower meet aboard the Staten Island Ferry in this pair of New York Style comedies. Presented under an Actors Equity Agreement. Wed 7/27 @ 7:30pm; Fri 7/29 @ 7:30pm; Sun 7/31 @ 12:00pm.

BEHIND THE MASK by Annie Pulsipher. This send-up of 80s Slasher Films finds Gary, a member of an ancient society of masked murders dedicated to protecting "wholesome family values" (i.e. killing sexually-active teenagers) in trouble. A routine "meet and spook" was botched when Gary's face is revealed to Becky, a sexually-liberated teen who finds him very attractive. Mon 7/18 @ 6:00pm; Thurs 7/21 @ 8:30pm; Sat 7/23 @ 3:15pm.

ELLEN AND TROY AND ELOISE by Warren Glover; starring Lily Marceau, Joshua Rugiano, and Beth Newbery. Laurie Rae Waugh directs this comedy that exemplifies the parable "If you love someone, set them free... especially after you meet their mother!" Wed 7/20 @ 9:45pm; Fri 7/22 @ 8:00pm; Sun 7/24 @ 1:45pm.

MARTIN SHKRELI'S GAME: HOW Bill Murray JOINED THE WU-TANG-CLAN by Lauren Gundrum and Joel Esher. Who else but Bill Murray would team-up with the Wu-Tang Clan to steal back their priceless album from pharma bro, Martin Shkreli. Tues 7/19 @ 8:00pm; Wed 7/20 @ 8:30pm; Fri 7/22 @ 6:00pm; Sat 7/23 @ 4:15pm; Sun 7/24 @ 3:30pm; Sun 7/31 @ 7:30pm.

MATT & MADDIE by Milo Van Houten, directed by Thomas Jacobsen. A change in Matt & Maddie's behavior uncovers a secret that could tear apart an entire family. Tues 8/02 @ 6:00pm; Sat 8/06 @ 8:30pm; Sun 8/07 @ 4:45pm.

MIDNIGHT ON A MONDAY by Katie Housley. Two women ... a subway platform ... late. Wed 7/20 @ 8:45pm; Fri 7/22 @ 6:00pm; Sun 7/24 @ 3:45pm.

THE GREATEST PERFORMANCE by Rebecca Dzida, directed by Carl Randolph; starring Emily Cerwonka and Matt Blanchard. In this dark comedy, all Miss C wants to do on the first day of school is teach, but things outside the classroom get in her way. Mon 7/18 @ 7:15pm; Thurs 7/21 @ 7:15pm; Sat 7/23 @ 2:00pm.

BUT LET'S GET SERIOUS -------------------------------------------

IN THE SHADOW OF A DREAM by John A. Adams, directed by Alexander Harrington. A violent homophobe...a dying AIDS patient...explosive. Presented under an Actors Equity Agreement. Mon 7/18 @ 7:30pm; Thurs 7/21 @ 6:00pm; Sat 7/23 @ 12:00pm.

Mr. TOOLE by Vivian Neuwirth, directed by Cat Parker; starring Todd d'Amour*, Brenda Currin*, Laura Butler*, Richard Vernon*, Lou Liberatore*, and John Ingle*. The teacher a student will never forget becomes a legend the world will never forget - John Kennedy Toole. Presented under an Actors Equity Agreement. Thurs 7/21 @ 8:00pm; Sat 7/23 @ 2:00pm; Tues 7/26 @ 8:15pm; Sat 7/30 @ 5:00pm; Sun 7/31 @ 5:15pm.

BETWEEN MEN by Dennis Porter, directed by Hannah Wolff. It takes a sexual harassment accusation for a female professor to explore her relationships with men. (Drama) Wed 7/27 @ 9:00pm; Fri 7/29 @ 6:00pm; Sun 7/31 @ 1:30pm.

THE CRUSADE OF CONNOR STEPHENS written and directed by Dewey Moss. The adopted child of a gay couple is killed. The day of the funeral brings the gay couple's less-than-sympathetic family. Presented under an Actors Equity Agreement. Wed 7/20 @ 6:00pm; Fri 7/22 @ 8:00pm; Sun 7/24 @ 1:00pm.

THE EYE OF THE WAKE by Chima Chikazunga. Following the death of her father, Elaine confronts both his and her deepest, darkest secret. Mon 8/01 @ 8:15pm; Thurs 8/04 @ 6:00pm; Sat 8/06 @ 3:45pm.

THE HOUSE OF THE SETTING SUN by Thomas Blakeley; starring Sara Bruno, Julie Jeon, and Thomas Blakeley. This American Gothic Musical tells the story of the last surviving member of a prominent Georgia family invites Madame Eudora, a sideshow fortuneteller, to his decaying southern plantation in an attempt to divine who murdered his long-dead parents.Sat 7/30 @ 7:15pm; Sat 8/06 @ 2:45pm; Sun 8/07 @ 6:00pm.

DRAMEDY: LAUGHTER ... AND TEARS-------------------------------------------

EITHER/OR by Dayle Ann Hunt, directed by Rachel Flynn. Deni Rutland's 40th birthday proves to be ground zero regarding her need to finally break free of her past and escape her dysfunctional family. Presented under an Actors Equity AgreementTues 7/19 @ 6:00pm; Sat 7/23 @ 6:15pm; Sun 7/24 @ 6:30pm

THE FUNNY THING ABOUT BLOOD written and directed by Mary Elizabeth Gilbert in collaboration with the cast. Assistant directed by Becca Silbert. In this "humorous take on abortion," one the most controversial topics in women's rights is discussed using glitter, lollipops, clowns, and stand up ... you know, like the current presidential race. Mon 8/01 @ 7:00pm; Thurs 8/04 @ 7:00pm; Sat 8/06 @ 5:45pm.

THE MUSEUM AT CLIFTON PARK by Cody Beltis, directed by Jasia Ries; starring Jasia Ries, Daniel Conroy, Vanessa Agovida, and Alyssa Krompier. The truth of history is brought to the fore in this witty drama about an interview of a small museum owner that goes awry. Tues 7/19 @ 6:00pm; Sat 7/23 @ 5:45pm; Sun 7/24 @ 7:30pm.

TRUTH OF A CAUSE by Rafi Abramowitz, directed by Gadi Rubin. In this dramedy, a Division 3 baseball player must choose between his dreams and his brother when he gets a chance to play for Duke. Mon 7/25 @ 7:15pm; Wed 7/27 @ 6:00pm; Sun 7/31 @ 3:00pm.

OTHERWORLDLY WORKS-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

LAMARIYA by Crystal Rae, directed by, Troy Scheid; starring Byron Jacquet, Brenda "BeBe" Wilson, LaKeisha Randle, Jarred Tettey, Rita Hughes, AdrIan Porter, Samuel Harvey, Kyle Anthony Mosley and John Hall. What's "magical realism?" Find out in this sci-fi parable set in Jim Crow-era Mississippi. Tues 7/19 @ 8:45pm; Sat 7/23 @ 8:30pm; Sun 7/24 @ 4:45pm

LAM-ANG: THE JOURNEY OF A HERO Lam-ang, directed by Nelson Eusebio, is a Filipino epic poem which will be presented as a hybrid of verse, music and movement. Adapted by The Ally Artists Group - Joyce Lao, Jeremy Rafal and Zilong ZEE. Mon 8/01 @ 7:45pm; Thurs 8/04 @ 6:00pm; Sat 8/06 @ 4:45pm.

THE POST-MODERNIST by Mona Curtis. Mon 7/18 @ 8:30pm; Thurs 7/21 @ 6:00pm; Sat 7/23 @ 4:30pm. The Postmodernist is the story of social science gone awry. Do we really want to kill all the stupid people? A chilling look at bumbling bureaucracy.

RADON DAUGHTERS by Bronwyn Rucker, directed by Jason Ellis. It is an abstract, feminist-centric, fantastic futuristic "1984," and change is in the air ... but so are radioactive isotopes. Mon 8/01 @ 6:00pm; Thurs 8/04 @ 8:15pm; Sat 8/06 @ 1:00pm.

THE BALD SOPRANO by Eugene Ionesco. Each time the doorbell rings, things get stranger and stranger. Prepare for a master class in absurdist theatre as Ionesco's classic, The Bald Soprano, is set in contemporary Georgia. Sun 7/24 @ 8:30pm; Mon 7/25 @ 8:15pm; Tues 7/26 @ 6:00pm.

THE Y2K PLAY by Sean Pollock, directed by Melanie Hublard Hershman; starring Caleb Cushing, Kate Cough, Eloise Edwards, and Ryan Haddad. A Sci-Fi parable about what would happen if all our fears about Y2K were true.Mon 7/25 @ 6:00pm; Thurs 7/28 @ 8:30pm; Sat 7/30 @ 3:00pm.

TRUTH OF A CAUSE by Rafi Abramowitz, directed by Gadi Rubin. In this dramedy, a Division 3 baseball player must choose between his dreams and his brother when he gets a chance to play for Duke. Mon 7/25 @ 7:15pm; Wed 7/27 @ 6:00pm; Sun 7/31 @ 3:00pm.

KID'S STUFF-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD by Johannes Galli, directed by Simon Geronimo; starring Simon Geronimo, Clara Kundin, and Barbara Remus. Bring the entire family for this new version of Charles Perrault's children's story featuring the ailing grandma, diabolical wolf, and innocent young girl cloaked in crimson, that has delighted audiences for more than three centuries. Sun 8/06 @ 1:00pm; Sun 8/07 @ 11:00am.

MACINTOSH MACINTOSH AND THE DINOSAUR SALESMAN by John Schoneboom. A story, millions of years in the making. Mon 7/24 @ 11:30am; Sat 7/30 @ 1:15pm; Sun 7/31 @ 11:30am.

THE NOSE by Kit Goldstein Grant, directed by Lacy Reily, music director Matthew Bennis, book, music and lyrics by Kit Goldstein Grant. In this children's musical, based on Nikolai Gogol's short story, a man's nose disappears from his face, and turns up the next day wandering around St. Petersburg dressed as a general - something smells funny! Fri 8/05 @ 1:00pm; Sat 8/06 @ 11:00am; Sun 8/07 @ 12:00pm.

MITF VARIETY: IMPROV AND MAGIC AND SONG ... OH MY! ----------------------------------------------

IRTE's "DIG" The wild and wooly Improvisational Repertory Theatre Ensemble takes you on and on-the-spot adventure! A major archaeological discovery unveils amazing or something deadly. Join them on an improvised journey to what lies buried below! Directed by Curt Dixon; starring Robert Baumgardner, Bill Berg, Nannette Deasy, BriAnna Lee, Cedric Lilly, Jamie Maloney, and Marcia Sofley. Featuring Tym Moss. Sat 7/30 @ 9:00pm.

James Warren: You've Been James'd! Chasing the Impossible With Magician James Warren Thurs 7/28 @ 8:00pm.

GREY IS THE NEW BLACK, a musical revue written and directed by Jay Michaels & Mary Elizabeth Micari; Mason Griffin, musical direction. On the eve of their termination, three "mature" office workers looks back on their days in "showbiz." Sat 7/23 @ 9:00pm

PHIL BROOKS: PHIL-CETIOUS. Why yes, that is a pun on the word facetious; which is the tone you can expect from Phil as he shares more New York stories. Sat 7/30 @ 9:00pm; Sat 8/06 @ 10:00pm.

VICKIE PHILLIPS: A Carousel of Colors With Brel, Weill, and Aznavour. Vickie brings back all the magic in her return MITF encore performance of international European genius composers Jacques Brel, Kurt Weill and Charles Aznavour! 7/17 @ 7:00pm.

MITF'S SHORT PLAY LAB --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

PROGRAM A (Saturday, July 16, 7pm - Sunday, July, 17, 4pm)

Brick Juncture by Nick DeSimone. How fast can heaven become a living hell for Haley and Nelson as they move into their new Chelsea apartment, which is perfect except for the exposed brick, which will be removed [no it's not ... yes it is ... no it's hot ... YES IT IS...].

Natural Rarities Up For Bid by Phil Paradis, directed by AlBert Baker; starring Chelsea Clark and others. Trillionaire spends millions at futuristic auction raising funds for developing food from petroleum. Hopefully it won't give us gas.

Talk Back by Howard Margulies, directed by Michael Beckett; starring Mary Dillon and Dov Tiefenbach. A world-famous playwright experiences the most painful interview of his career. And it kind of gets worse from there.

Venus Hottentot by Ayshia Elizabeth Stephenson, directed by Ayshia E. Stephenson; starring Talya Sogoba, Callum LaFrance, and Leah Mertes. In this tragicomedy, possession of the body comes to the 21st Century.

Australia's Oldest Man by Kieran Carroll, directed by Clara Pagone; starring Timothy McCown-Reynolds and Clara Pagone. A black comedy about a hilariously grotesque 148 year-old man obsessed with Swedish pornography and annoying the Australian government.

Also in Program A:
Fear of a Mundane Life by John Ladd.
The Blind Date by Joe Starzyk.

PROGRAM B (Saturday, July 16, 9pm - Sunday, July 17, 2pm)

Lies In-between by Ellany Kincross, directed by Adam Chisnall; starring Ellany Kincross. Jeremy and Marlena are dealing with an infidelity in their marriage. Is each one of them saying what they truly mean or what they think the other wants to hear?

The Locals by Emily Dinova, directed by Gregory Cioffi; starring Emily Dinova. "When you leave New York, you are astonished at how clean the rest of the world is. Clean is not enough."- Fran Lebowitz.

Alzheimer's Diary by Steve Gold, directed by Gyunhyeong Kim; starring Unhee Kim, Jiin Han, and Kalley Hong. Fog...always fog.

Battery Saver by Lilia Shrayfer. Two Live Millennials. Two Dead Phones. One Chance.

Also in Program B:
No One Saved Me by Leigh Fitzjames.

Swipe "Hell No" by Fatima Cadet-Diaby.

MITF SUMMER READING ... AND YOU DON'T NEED A BEACH ------------------------------------------

3 THE HARD WAY by Chima Chikazunga. After years of therapy dealing with her son's untimely death in 9/11, a grieving mother's newfound peace is compromised when her son's widow is introduced to his mistress. Truths unravel that cannot be ignored. Fri 7/22, 2-5:00pm.

BECOMING REGENT by Leo Rockas. The notorious womanizer and spender of the national treasury, the Prince of Wales, became Regent when his father, George III, was semi-insane and then became King George IV, who married a woman he despised but produced one princess. His wife, Princess Caroline, carried on her own infidelities especially in Italy. Fri 7/29, 2-5:00pm.

TRAIN by Marshaline Letcher, directed by Jeannine Foster-McKelvia. Fri 7/29, 2-5:00pm.

WHY ARE YOU NOWHERE? by Ethan Warren. A family reunion takes a turn for the frighteningly surreal with the arrival of two mysterious strangers. Thurs 8/04, 2-5:00pm.

ALSO PLAYING @ MITF-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

CUSTOMER SERVICE by Mary Elizabeth McDonnell. Tues 7/26 @ 7:00pm; Sat 7/30 @ 7:00pm; Sun 7/31 @ 4:30pm.

LIGHTS by Ashley Nicole Audette. Wed 8/03 @ 6:00pm; Fri 8/05 @ 9:00pm; Sun 8/07 @ 12:30pm.

THE PULL OF THE MOON by Paige Zubel. Mon 8/01 @ 6:00pm; Thurs 8/04 @ 8:15pm; Sat 8/06 @ 4:45pm.

THE SEVENTY YEAR OLD BRIDE by Marshaline Letcher, directed by Cece Antoinette. Tues 7/26 @ 6:00pm; Sat 7/30 @ 6:00pm; Sun 7/31 @ 5:45pm.

YOSSARIAN AND BARDAMU by Hongyi Tian. Wed 7/20 @ 7:45pm; Fri 7/22 @ 7:00pm; Sun 7/24 @ 2:45pm.

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