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BWW Blog: Life with Wiggy- Time Management

BWW Blog: Life with Wiggy- Time Management

Majoring in theatre at your university is a balancing act. It's similar to being a juggler while walking on a tightrope; you're trying to keep so much in the air without dropping anything, meanwhile you're trying to not fall on the ground. You, a singular person, are asked to be an academic, full time artist, being yourself whatever what entails (social life, gym rat, video game fanatic, etc....), and you might be working or interning somewhere. It seems like life is just overwhelming. When you're in college, 24 hours isn't enough. Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of getting an Associate degree early so I took seven months off of school. Those seven months were filled with abundant opportunities, joyous celebrations, self exploration, and a spiritual reset. While being away was insightful and necessary to my future well-being, I craved an academic education in theatre. Attending Rowan University was exciting for me as I was going to learn about my art in a way that only a university can teach one who craves knowledge in theatre. Then it hit me the first week of school, the only thing I hadn't been prepared for: time management.

Yes, I uttered the dreaded words no college student wants to hear: time management. For most freshman, being in college is a life adjustment, you're no longer with your family, you're out on your own, and you have to navigate life hoping that you were taught enough survival skills to navigate the waters of the real world. For me, I chose to stay home and be a commuter. It sounds wonderful, until you remember the mini list about life adjustment I listed above, but this time you are with your family and have that added weight on you. College is a weird because you never know what is going happen, but you know something is going to happen and you have to be prepared for it. What struck me, is how many people don't understand how to balance their time so when these new adventures and opportunities arise, you have the time to pursue the adventures that find you. Before I tell you about what I do and how I keep my time managed, let me bust some myths about time management.

  1. Time management is a trap because I have to stick to a schedule that prevents me from doing anything fun: The truth is, when you know how to schedule your time properly, it doesn't have to be a trap that keeps you from having fun. When you're able to schedule your time properly, you can incorporate time into your schedule to have fun and hang with friends.
  2. I can't manage my time into a schedule because something last minute may happen: The cool thing about time management is that you can always readjust your schedule based on the last-minute conflicts.
  3. Scheduling sounds like a lot of work and I'm not good at scheduling: The good thing about scheduling your time is that anybody can do it. My method is that I write all the events on my phone calendar for that day (school, appointments, rehearsal, etc..). Most times as long as I know what time my events start and I have a general idea as to when they end, I can plug the events into my phone calendar which allows me to see what time I have left, and it normally takes me less than five minutes.

In a few simple steps, I'll show you how I manage my time.

  1. Make a schedule. The best way to know how to manage your time is to know what time you have or don't have. Scheduling allows you to do this because you can see what you have to do that day right in front of you. I prefer to write everything on my phone calendar and set reminders up for myself throughout for he events I have to do.
  2. Prioritize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love my friends, and I love hanging out with them. Sometimes if I know I have free time, I'll hang out with them last minute. Most times, I'll schedule them a few days or a week in advance. There's always time to hang with friends, but you have to remember your priorities first. For example, if I have three tests in one week, I'm probably not going to a party or hanging out with my friends. Instead, I build my schedule around the three tests I have.
  3. Know how you operate before you schedule. If you're the kind of person who's so busy, and hate waiting till the last minute, you might want to schedule your whole week. If you you're not as busy but still like to have a plan, plan your day in the morning. Time management isn't about how far in advance you plan your time, it's about using your time wisely. I've made a schedule for my day in the middle of the afternoon before! There isn't a perfect formula to time management, because everyone is different and schedules can change day to day based on your needs.
  4. Discipline is key. If you are serious about managing your time, you have to take it seriously. I have, at times, made a schedule and not stuck to it because I didn't feel like it. Last Minute needs are one thing, pure laziness is another. If you are serious about managing your time, you cannot be lazy and not stick to your schedule just because. A good thing I like to do every day is plan out me time. No friends, family, responsibilities! Just me doing what I love. I typically plan a half hour each day to myself at various points in the day. This helps me from getting burned out, and it also helps me to get through the day not trying to avoid my schedule because I need a whole day of me time.
  5. Saying no to things is okay. In my first semester of college, I was taking 15 credits, being in a social group that kept expanding every day, was performing, being a lighting assistant, and directing a Christmas play for my church all at one time. I only lasted until towards the end of October when I had a panic attack which left me with lingering depression for a few months afterwards. It's okay to say no to things, and focus on your mental health. Remember, you shouldn't feel guilty for trying to be healthy!

I hope you learned something from me today. I am sharing my methods with you on how I live, but I love to hear from you on how you manage your time. If you would like to share with me how you manage your time so I can learn from you, you can email me at I always want to learn how others live their life, and I'm always open to suggestions.

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