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08/03/2019 (09:00AM - 09:30AM) (Saturday) : V.E.C. is in for a mouthful when Elvira the alligator is brought in with restricted jaw mobility. Swallowed coins could be giving Elvira toxicity, but it's up to Dr. Sharon French and the rest of the team to solve the issue while Elvira is sedated. Then, Dr. Brendon Ringwood needs to surgically repair the knee of a Lhatese named Gizmo to prevent arthritis from setting in in the future. Later, Tandi the Golden Retriever seeks sweet relief from her itchy skin. Dr. Stephen Waisglass is clued into a likely culprit after taking some skin samples.



08/03/2019 (09:30AM - 10:00AM) (Saturday) : In today's episode, we meet the president of Sonoma Raceway, Steve Page, who sprung into action after forest fires devastated Sonoma County. Steve used his resources and influence to not only rebuild the Sonoma Raceway, but to help put the community back on track. Then, Mackenzie McRee's setback took years to overcome, as scoliosis kept her from everyday activities, not to mention golf. With hard work, Mackenzie was able to overcome what hurt her most and rise above the bullying she received for her scoliosis to find solace on the golf course. Then, we hit the ice with Olympic gold medalists Monique and Jocelyne Lamoureux. The Lamoureux twins are not only leaders on the U.S. Olympic Women's Hockey Team, but also leaders for gender equality in sports. After boycotting the International Ice Hockey Federation in 2017, the Lamoureux twins not only won an Olympic Gold Medal for the U.S., they took a huge step for women's rights in every sport. Plus, from a young age, Joanne Reid knew she wanted to be one of her country's next big sprinting superstars. Along the way, the 16-year-old has had plenty of national heroes to look up to.





08/03/2019 (10:00AM - 10:30AM) (Saturday) : Josh makes his first voyage to Barbados, which celebrates its diverse Caribbean culture mixed with over 300 years of British rule and traditions. At a beach on Carlisle Bay in historic Bridgetown, Josh meets a local diver who explains a tradition unique to Barbados: thoroughbred racehorses led to the sea for a morning therapeutic swim. Next, Josh takes a food tour with a local historian and foodie to learn all about the complex Barbadian cuisine, which is a combination of British and Caribbean flavors. Its dishes are known to be spicy, but not necessarily super-hot spicy. Cricket is the national sport, and Josh is excited to visit a legendary cricket club where he meets with a coach to learn all about the game and test his skills with a ball and bat. After suiting up, he gives it a try and gains a new appreciation for the difficulty of the sport. Finally, Josh goes for a snorkeling adventure in a location known to be a habitat for sea turtles. Not only does Josh get to swim with one, he gets to observe other sea life in the clear, turquoise waters of the Caribbean.



"JAPAN (EDD113)"


08/03/2019 (10:30AM - 11:00AM) (Saturday) : Dylan Dreyer explores Japan's islands. On Honshu in Jigokudani, also known as "Hell's Valley," the Japanese macaques, or snow monkeys, take advantage of the hot springs, or onsens. Later, the Ainu people appreciate nature and the red-crowned crane. Meanwhile, the rare "wolf deer," or Japanese serow, forages for food. In the island center, usho fishing with cormorants in the Nagara River ensues during summer. On the coast, Japanese macaques and sea slaters make use of their surroundings.

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