Museum of the Moving Image Receives Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Grant

Museum of the Moving Image has received a three-year grant of $399,824 from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation for the continued support and expansion of its online publication devoted to the intersection of Science and film. Sloan Science & Film serves as the go-to website for news about the nationwide Sloan Film Program, its participating partners, and more than 500 film projects, and publishes original articles and interviews about Science and film. This new funding for Sloan Science & Film, which originally launched in 2007, will support the addition of the Sloan Screening Room, a one-stop interface for streaming video, including links to online viewing, of major science-related feature films as well as the Sloan-funded short films that are already archived on the site (currently 43 titles may be streamed in their entirety). In addition, under the direction of Managing Editor Sonia Epstein, the Science content throughout the site will be significantly expanded.

"We are pleased to continue our relationship with the Sloan Foundation and to support their important work of recognizing the filmmakers and writers who use the moving image to tell compelling stories about Science and scientists," said Carl Goodman, Executive Director of Museum of the Moving Image.

"We are very excited to continue our collaboration with the innovative Museum of the Moving Image, which maintains the most comprehensive, go-to site for Sloan's nationwide film program including over 500 award-winning film projects, more than a dozen renowned institutional partners, and some of the most gifted emerging and established filmmakers in the country," said Doron Weber, Vice President and Program Director at the Sloan Foundation. "In addition to making 100 prize-winning Sloan-supported short or feature films available for screening, we believe this new grant will enable a more dynamic and popular site that bridges the two cultures by exposing the full scope of Sloan's multi-media Science offerings-television, plays, books, radio, opera as well as films-and links these works to the burgeoning public interest in Science and technology."

Recent original articles and additions on Sloan Science & Film include:
• interviews with filmmakers Douglas Trumbull ("What if 2001 was in VR?"), Tom Sachs and Van Niestat (about the film Tom Sachs Presents: A Space Program), Ciro Guerra (Embrace of the Serpent), Michael Almereyda (Experimenter), and writer Andy Weir (The Martian);
• articles by and interviews with scientists including Heather Berlin (on the Fregoli Delusion and Anomalisa), Mechtild Prinz (on DNA Science and Making a Murderer), and Daniel Goleman (on child psychology and Inside Out);
• monthly listing of notable events with creative takes on Science and film;
• listing of Science on Screen programs, which present live events pairing scientists with film screenings, at cinemas nationwide;
• production news about Sloan-funded feature films including The Man Who Knew Infinity, Basmati Blues, Operator, Hidden Figures, and a documentary on Hedy Lamarr;
• interviews with playwrights and coverage of science-themed productions.

The Sloan Film Program supports filmmakers at every stage of development-from screenplays to post-production to theatrical distribution-who create dramatic and engaging narrative films that incorporate Science and technology themes or characters, or challenge stereotypes of scientists, mathematicians, or engineers.