Teen Powerhouse Macy Kate Sets the Bar on 'Rising Star'

Teen Powerhouse Macy Kate Sets the Bar on 'Rising Star'

With over 93% of America's votes, Macy walked away with the highest score of the night, and was one of 6 contestants to make it through to the next live round. The creative twist, rock soul roots, and original flare she added to Rixton's hit, "Me and My Broken Heart," had the audience at the edge of their seat and the industry experts on their feet.

Earlier this season, Macy Kate submitted her popular " Radioactive" YouTube cover video to the show via Instagram, and immediately caught the eyes of producers. This particular video has received the most views of any other female vocalist in the world hitting over 10 million views worldwide. After receipt of her submission, Macy was invited to the season premier of the digital driven interactive television show as a guest, and was thrilled to be there to support her fellow emerging artists.

When Josh Groban made his way to her seat during the live taping this past Sunday, it was a shock not only to her, but the audience, the industry expert panel, and the contestants. She was less than an hour away from performing on national television in front of millions of viewers, and rocked it like a pro.

"I am still in disbelief and can't be more grateful for this truly incredible opportunity of a lifetime," comments Kate. "This show is going to be a game changer for all interactive television. ABC took a huge risk as the first network to use "live" interactive voting, and it's amazing to witness firsthand this new form of social fan interaction that brings our nations voices together. I cannot believe this is happening to me! I promise to make you proud America!" - Macy Kate

Not only did she rake in the votes from Brad Paisley, Ludacris and 93% of America, but her electrifying performance left a lasting impression with Kesha who commented that Macy's "energy was infectious," and followed up at the close of the show tweeting "WOW. Great end....she's fantastic."

Keep your eyes peeled for this pop/rock powerhouse who is sure not to disappoint. She has set the bar, and will be the one to beat this season on "Rising Star."

See Macy's LIVE performance from Sunday's Show HERE!