Staging Musical Theatre - by Elaine Adams Novak, Deborah Novak

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Staging Musical Theatre by Elaine Adams Novak, Deborah Novak

This all-in-one book is designed to help you become a superior producer, director or choreographer, or even a triple threat. You'll learn everything you need to know to put a show on the boards. It starts with selecting a musical, then addresses how to analyze and intepret your choice, coordinate the scenery and lights, costumes and props, and other technical elements. You'll be able to cast the top talent through efficient, well-organized auditions, and conduct productive rehearsals for music, choreography, blocking, and full production. You'll see breakdowns of the duties of all the key people, you'll learn about presenting revues and operas, you'll find practice scenes and an appendix listing terrific musicals and their'll learn everything you need to bring down the house on opening night - and every night!

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Staging Musical Theatre on Paperback

Publisher: Betterway Books

Released: 1996



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