Angel On My Shoulder - by Stephen Levi

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Angel On My Shoulder by Stephen Levi

Comedy / 2m, 1f / Interior A beautiful young book illustrator is having an affair with her dream man, a ruggedly attractive owner of a demolition company. When he announces his intention to leave his family, Donna gets looped and awakes in the arms of an angelic looking man with "Wings" printed on his sweat shirt. He seems to know everything about her, including her present predicament. Complications ensue when the lover shows up suitcase in hand to discover Donna is sharing her apartment with her "guardian angel." Laughs and surprises come fast and furious as the men vie for Donna's affections.

Available On:
Angel On My Shoulder on Paperback Angel On My Shoulder on iTunes

Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.

Released: 1979



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