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Armando Urdiales

Armando Urdiales

Armando Urdiales (He/Him/His)”: A second year MS in Theatre Studies at the University of Houston, I have been obsessed with theater since I was a kid. My mothers lullabies were from Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals and “Everything All Right” has been my go to sleep song since birth. One of my passions is exploring new theatre, and experience as much of it as I can. If I had to pick a favorite show it tends to vary by mood, however my top three interchange constantly. They are Spring Awakening (both play and musical), Hadestown, Quixote Nuevo. 



BWW Interview: Joe Palmore Blends Poetry and Theater in DISTURBING THE PEACE at 4th Wall Theatre Company
June 14, 2022

The fascinating aspects of the Houston theatre are almost too numerous to count. One of them is witnessing the amazing BIPOC and diverse range of people, places and theaters that inhabit Space City USA. One individual who is the personification of the best of Houston theater is Joseph “Joe P.” Palmore, who is mounting a poetic theatrical experience with the help of Houston staple, 4th Wall Theatre Company. We, as audience members, last saw Joe P., in the remount of 4th Wall’s of Stephen Adly Guirgis, Between Riverside and Crazy, and his performance then was stellar. Now, we get to witness Joe P.’s exquisite poetry along with his peers in Disturbing the Peace.

BWW Interview: Collin Baja & Evan Strand Play the Loveable Reindeer, Sven in DISNEY'S FROZEN at Hobby Center For The Performing Arts
June 14, 2022

When the movie Frozen came out, I was in New York City, and the most fascinating part about that time in Disney movie history was how Frozen was so excellently merchandised. Elsa and Anna dolls were on shelves everywhere, and little did anyone know in those early days how big of a hit the movie, and now the musical would become. When the decision to bring the movie to musical life came to fruition, I had my trepidations, but after discussing the production with the talented, athletic, and down-to-earth actors that play the lovable reindeer, Sven, it only heightens the excitement that Houston will be able to witness the incredible talents of not only Collin Baja and Evan Strand. These two wonderful actors are double cast in the touring production of Disney's Frozen because of the physical demands of the role. I personally can't wait to witness the athletic mastery of these two actors in one of the most iconic Disney musicals of our age.

BWW Interview: Actor & Playwright Melvin Tunstall III Rejoices in BEAUTIFUL: THE CAROLE KING MUSICAL at the Hobby Center
June 1, 2022

An exciting prospect of every touring production is seeing how the invigorate the dynamic town that is Space City, USA. With our thriving theater scene it is always a fantastic experience seeing new creatives and artists take refuge in our humble city. Melvin Tunstall III is one of these exciting people that will grace the Hobby Center in the coming tour of Beautiful: The Carole King Musical. 

BWW Review: 4th Wall Theatre Company Dazzles Again with BETWEEN RIVERSIDE AND CRAZY
May 31, 2022

4th Wall finishes its amazing season with a remounting of their critically acclaimed production of Stepehn Adly Guirgis’ Between Riverside and Crazy. A dramedy of epic proportions, 4th Wall continues producing some of the most brilliant plays, raw and up close. 

BWW Interview: Young Actor, Mike Sifuentes Reflects on His Time in AUNT JULIA & THE SCRIPTWRITER at Main Street Theater
May 26, 2022

As both a graduate student in a performing arts school and a general fan of theater, it is always exciting to see young actors gain professional opportunities. One of the actors I've had the pleasure of seeing blossom in the theatre world is University of Houston student, Mike Sifuentes. After enjoying his performances in a variety of productions, he continues his brilliant work in Main Street Theater's production of AUNT JULIA AND THE SCRIPTWRITER.

BWW REVIEW: AD Players Blends Faith and Space Adventure in APOLLO 8
May 16, 2022

As a young boy scout from San Antonio, one of the annual trips I always looked forward to was visiting NASA'S Johnson Space Center. Partially, my move to Space City USA was because of Houston's long history and fascination with outer space. AD Players' production of their world premiere production of Jayme McGhan's APOLLO 8 reignites this childhood passion. This stunningly visual play is a tremendous documentary play on the politics, humanity, and faith of the first space mission that led us eventually to walk on the moon.

BWW Review: Greek God, Diane, Wreaks Havoc in Rec Room Arts HURRICANE DIANE
May 9, 2022

The unconventional and oddball comedy from the Pulitzer Prize finalist, Madeleine George, sees the Greek god, Dionysus, reenter civilization disguised as a butch gardener, Diane. The god's mission to seduce mortal women and help end climate change creates a story that elicits guttural laughs and a great night of Houston theatre.

BWW Review: The Garden Theatre's SCHOOL GIRLS; OR THE AFRICAN MEAN GIRLS PLAY is a Great Collection of Talent
May 4, 2022

Jocelyn Bioh's play, School Girls; Or, the African Mean Girls Play, is one of the best examples of 21st-century theater. Set in an all-girls boarding school in the African country of Ghana. School Girls follows the story of a group of young women navigating their social life in the face of adversity.

BWW Review: Stages Blends Superhero Comics and Social Justice in Black Super Hero Magic Mama
May 2, 2022

With the classic comic Boom! and Pow!, Stages continues its excellent season with Inda Craig-Galvain's Black Super Hero Magic Mama. Hot off the heels of the epic jukebox musical, You Are Cordially... by ShaWanna Renee Rivon, Black Super Hero Magic Mama truly represents the magnificence of Houston theatre. 

BWW Review: FIDDLER ON THE ROOF Brings Tradition to the Hobby Center Of Performing Arts
April 27, 2022

The Broadway classic is currently in residence at the Hobby Center and is a wonderful expression of both the beauties of our past and a great reminder that history repeats itself.

BWW Review: YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO SIT IN Is a Dream of a Production at Stages Theatre
April 11, 2022

The story goes that Stages staff member, Eboni Bell Darcy, was part of the discussion for the theater's reopening season. Ideas evidently floated around in the zoom call. It was Eboni's idea for Stages to commission their own jukebox musical. This excellent idea led to the creation of ShaWanna Renee Rivon's YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO SIT IN. One would think that a musical highlighting Houston's generational social justice problems would be what some call a 'downer.' Instead, Rivon's creation has become, at least for me, the crowning achievement of the 21-22 Houston theater season.

BWW Review: Stages SUNRISE COVEN is a Homegrown Inspiration and a Wonderous World Premiere
April 4, 2022

This spring, Brendan Bourque-Sheil's story of a woman dealing with life's impossible changes is one of Houston's best plays. Set in the fictional town of Buxtop, Texas, the protagonist, Hallie (Susan Koozin), wakes up after an overdose and the resultant story is about how a person copes with almost impossible odds.

BWW Review: COME FROM AWAY at Theatre Under The Stars Reflects on the Wonders of Humanity in the Face of Tragedy
March 23, 2022

They call Gander, Canada 'The Rock.' However, they should really call not only Gander but the musical, Come From Away, a gem, as it is one of the rare musicals that not only is entertaining but also a brilliant reminder of the beauty of humanity.

BWW Interview: JOHN DEVEREAUX Has Hometown Nostalgia as HAMILTON Tour Makes a Stop at The Hobby Center for Performing Arts.
February 28, 2022

The term hometown hero is an understatement when it comes to John Devereaux. Having spent his formative years within Space City, attending Westfield High School and Texas Christian University, John Devereaux is excited to be back in home and around family as he tours with HAMILTON.

BWW Review: MACGYVER: THE MUSICAL at Stages Repertory
February 17, 2022

As the audience walks into MACGYVER THE MUSICAL at STAGES, the greeting they receive is full of '80s​​​​​​​ nostalgia. Primarily based on the TV series, the audience is reminded of the height of '80s fashion and pop culture. Jane Fonda's workout tape, teased hair, and denim are the beginnings of a great night of frivolity and fun as audience members become participants in this new camp classic.

BWW Interview: Paul Hope Returns Home to Theatre Under the Stars for an Iconic Production of SOUTH PACIFIC
February 7, 2022

Theatre Under The Stars has a storied history in the Houston theatre scene. One of the cornerstones of their theatre community is long-time actor Paul Hope. Hope has the distinction of performing professionally for several decades, in more than 40 productions at Theatre Under the Stars alone. His membership in to the Actors Equity Union begun with the 1980 production of Rodger's and Hammerstein's classic, SOUTH PACIFIC.

BWW Review: Houston Grand Opera's Pushes Boundaries in Mozart's Exhilarating THE MAGIC FLUTE
February 7, 2022

Co-Directors Barrie Kosky and Suzanne Andrade's production of Mozart's THE MAGIC FLUTE as staged by the Houston Grand Opera is brilliant and astounding. From the incredible set and projection design to its clever staging and superb acting—this production is one that even a 'non-opera-goer' should attend. While the production is primarily in German, this is one of the most accessible operas for anyone and everyone. As far as it's concerned to this reviewer, you must make every attempt to attend this production.

BWW Review: A.D. Players' NO ONE OWNS ME Provides an Insightful Outlook on Trafficking in Houston
February 1, 2022

NO ONE OWNS ME by Chris Cragin-Day and Pia Wilson running at AD Players is one of the most exciting productions occurring this winter in Houston. The play involves the daily lives and conversations of two Houston women. Sex trafficking advocate and counselor, Carla, and recent victim, Macey, discuss sex trafficking—both past and present—and what it means for both of their futures.

BWW Review: WHITE RABBIT RED RABBIT Shows Intelligence and Cleverness at The Garden Theatre
January 28, 2022

When one thinks of a production, usually there is a script, with a director, creative team and the actors have a bevy of time in order to put on the best performances of their life. However, the newly formed Garden Theatre has chosen to do the exact opposite in a smart, clever, and brilliant production of Nassim Soleimanpour's WHITE RABBIT RED RABBIT.

BWW Review: THE LIFESPAN OF A FACT Brilliantly Poses Complex Questions at 4th Wall Theatre Company
January 17, 2022

Within the realm of fantasy roleplaying games such as Dungeons and Dragons, players have the ability to choose between moral alignments. One of these is the notion of chaotic good and this phrase is the perfect summation of 4th Wall Theatre Co.'s production of THE LIFESPAN OF A FACT. In short, this production not only asks important questions about the validity of facts but does so in a brilliant way.