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Turning Stalled Stage Productions Into Movie Making Opportunities


Outhouse Production Films has partnered with Reading Film Studios to provide opportunities for playwrights and producers.

Turning Stalled Stage Productions Into Movie Making Opportunities

With theaters across the country going dark due to the global pandemic, Pennsylvania based film production company Outhouse Production Films has partnered with Reading Film Studios to provide opportunities for playwrights and producers to bring their works to life.

Award winning filmmaker and playwright, Robert J Morgalo, who has recently released his award wining short film The Dispensable, understands the dilemma that faces the theater industry today. "Although we have seen this industry grind to a halt, the creative process that feeds it has not. In fact, it is precisely during these trying times that the creative process is at its peak". It is for this reason that Morgalo set out to find an alternative. One that would provide a much needed outlet and opportunity for playwrights, producers, directors, actors and other stage and theater professionals.

It was in early April when Morgalo penned The Dispensable. A short play confronting the disparities of classism, capitalism, equality and human value in the era of COVID-19. Looking for an outlet for his script, Morgalo decided to shoot it as a short film in Reading, PA. He found the process fairly easy and affordable. "I literally went from script to screen in about ninety days. My short film has already been accepted to numerous film festivals around the world and has received several nominations and awards."

Morgalo's experience was just the catalyst needed. He quickly developed a plan to create similar opportunities and a viable outlet for other industry professionals. He reached out to Tony Moore, director of Reading Film Studios. A sound stage and multi media company based in Reading, PA. Mr. Moore said that, "When Robert reached out to us, we were just at the beginning stages of setting up our operations. So the timing couldn't have been more perfect"

Now the two have created a unique space and opportunity for filmmakers and playwrights. Currently Morgalo is producing a feature film, The Mick and The Trick, which he co-wrote with business partner and fellow actor Ozz Gomez. The film, starring Peter Greene (Pulp Fiction, The Mask), Federico Castelluccio ( The Sopranos), Jazz Vila (Juan of the Dead), Darlene Tejeiro (Power, Star Trek) and Richard Kline (Three's Company), is set to start principal photography in mid-October and will be mostly shot at Reading Film Studios.

The collaboration and partnership between Outhouse Production Films and Reading Film Studios, provides a unique and affordable opportunity for any stage production, from short plays to multi-act plays, to be produced and released even in these most difficult of times. "Instead of sitting around waiting for things to open back up. These creative works can be produced and released to film festivals as well as revenue producing platforms" Morgalo added.

Anyone from NY to DC who is interested in learning more about these opportunities or to schedule a tour of Reading Film Studios should contact Outhouse Production Films.

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