Photo Flash: Sneak Peek - A Second Wedding on CBS's ROB

On the January 19th episode of CBS's new comedy ROB, entitled "Second Wedding", Rob (Rob Schneider) and Maggie (Claudia Bassols) discuss having a big, traditional wedding, including a bachelor party for Rob. The episode airs on January 19, 2012 at 8:30 pm, et/pt on the CBS Television Network.

ROB is a comedy starring Rob Schneider as a lifelong bachelor who just married into a tight-knit Mexican-American family. Rob is a successful landscape architect who, after a whirlwind romance, marries Maggie, a beautiful, smart book translator, who is way out of his league.

After eloping in Las Vegas, Maggie and Rob must break the news to her overprotective, judgmental parents, Rosa and Fernando, that they are married. Shocked by news that they've eloped, the family remains skeptical of Maggie's choice for a husband, with the exception of her uncle Hector, the black sheep of the family, who immediately declares himself Rob's best friend. Rob hopes he will one day win over his new in-laws, aunts, uncles and Maggie's Abuelita, and live happily ever after with his one true love, Maggie.

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Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS 


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