Paley Center NY Celebrates Lucille Ball 100th Birthday

Paley Center NY Celebrates Lucille Ball 100th Birthday

2011 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of "The First Lady of Television," Lucille Ball, on August 6 and the 60th anniversary of the debut of I Love Lucy on October 15. The Paley Center is offering screenings of four compilation packages of programming from the collection to celebrate these milestones, including many programs not seen since their original airing. Below are the screenings to celebrate the centennial in August.

The Paley Center Celebrates Lucille Ball's Centennial
A look at Ball's unparalleled work in the medium of television.

A Variety of Lucy
(compilation; 116 minutes)

Screening Wednesdays to Sundays at 3:15 pm
August 5 to 18, 2011

The Carol Burnett Show (1968) (Eddie Albert, Nancy Wilson)
In this long out of circulation episode, Lucy joins Carol Burnett in a soap opera spoof, As the Stomach Turns, and a musical salute to some of history's greatest women.
The Carol Burnett Show (1970) (Mel Tormé)
Lucy returns to Carol's show for sketches and musical numbers, including a takeoff on Some Like It Hot, in this seldom seen episode.
Dinah Shore: Like Hep (1969)
In this infrequently seen special, Dinah Shore and Diana Ross attempt to teach Lucy through song that "hip" is now "hep."
Donny & Marie (1977)
Lucy performs the Emmy-nominated song "Leading Lady" and shows off her flair for impressions in this rarely shown segment.
The Garry Moore Show (1960)
Lucy shares some of her favorite outtakes from her film The Facts of Life, costarring Bob Hope, on this television classic.
The Ed Sullivan Show (1961)
The Ed Sullivan Show provides the only film record of Lucille Ball's sole Broadway appearance, Wildcat, when Lucy performs the hit song "Hey, Look Me Over!" on the show.
The Ed Sullivan Show (1968)
Lucy promotes her most successful film, Yours, Mine and Ours, with the eighteen young performers who play her children.
The Don Ho Show (1977)
Lucy joins her daughter Lucie Arnaz on this Hawaiian based series, not seen since its original airing.
The Dick Cavett Show (1971)
Lucy shares the stage with Lucie Arnaz and Carol Burnett.