OK Go Set to Release New EP, 'Upside Out' 6/17, Tour Dates Announced

OK Go Set to Release New EP, 'Upside Out' 6/17, Tour Dates Announced

Upside Out, a new EP from OK Go, will be released on June 17 by Paracadute. The collection features four original songs from the GRAMMY-winning band, including the bittersweet "The Writing's On The Wall," which can be heard in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which was No. 1 at the box office in its opening weekend.

The EP's four tracks were pulled from the band's sessions for its forthcoming studio album, Hungry Ghosts. "The Writing's On The Wall," "Turn Up The Radio" and "The One Moment" were recorded in upstate New York with Dave Fridmann (The Flaming Lips, MGMT, Tame Impala), who produced OK Go's Of the Blue Colour of the Sky (2010) and the 2011 live collection 180/365. "I Won't Let You Down," which oozes with made-for-the-dance-floor retro-funk style, was produced by Tony Hoffer (Beck, M83, Depeche Mode) in Los Angeles. See below for track listing.

OK Go will be blending old favorites and brand new songs on a coast-to-coast North American headline tour, which will launch on July 15 in Sacramento, CA and include Los Angeles area shows at the Troubadour (July 22) and The Echo (July 23). The band is known for pulling out all the stops in its live performances and this run, in particular, will be packed with surprises and new interactive elements. See below for the initial itinerary; additional dates will be announced.

Hungry Ghosts, OK Go's first studio album in four years, will be released in the fall of 2014. This off-the-cuff clip whittles the making of Hungry Ghosts down to a scant two minutes yet conveys the album's broad sonic scope.

"We don't have a regular writing routine," says singer Damian Kulash. "It's more of a whatever-it-takes hunt for those songs that are just beyond our conscious grasp - the ones with all the feeling in them. It's like trying to scratch an itch in your brain, trying to reach those songs - like trying to grab something in your peripheral vision. So we go at them from a million angles and we wind up with a lot of disparate influences colliding. This album has moments of Aphex Twin bumping into INXS, and New Order piled on the Jackson 5. And as unlikely as those combinations are, it's the closest thing we've made, so far, to the music playing in our own minds."

Eager to create a more engaging and interactive experience for the fans in the run up to the album release, OK Go has partnered with Pledge Music to create an elaborate pre-order campaign for Hungry Ghosts that launches today.

"The album is done, so this isn't a fundraising exercise," explains Kulash. "But by teaming up with Pledge Music, we are able to offer all sorts of cool stuff as part of our pre-order we wouldn't otherwise be able to."

The campaign offers such perks as a custom, modular, analog synth and music box that plays an exclusive OK Go song (a collaboration with Little Bits and Korg), a custom (and presumably fake) short-form documentary about the fan who's purchased the package,and the opportunity to arrive at an OK Go concert on the tour bus with the band. Fans who pre-order Hungry Ghosts through the Pledge Music campaign will automatically receive a free download of the EP Upside Out. Further details are available HERE.