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FROZEN Becomes #3 Highest Grossing Animated Film Ever, Earns Nearly $1 Billion


FROZEN Becomes #3 Highest Grossing Animated Film Ever, Earns Nearly $1 BillionDisney's hit animated movie musical FROZEN can now claim the honor of being the third most successful animated film of all time upon release, coming quick on the heels of recent cartoon tentpole mega-hits DESPICABLE ME 2 and TOY STORY 3.

FROZEN has now earned over $955 globally, with nearly $25 million more added to the gross this weekend alone between domestic and international showings worldwide.

Additionally, FROZEN is still set to open in Japan next month, which will surely add even more to the final figure if the film is similarly successful there.

To turn a phrase from one of the score's most popular songs, "Let It Go"!

Of note, including re-releases, THE LION KING grossed nearly $1 billion, as well, with a grand tally to date of roughly $988 million, which FROZEN looks set to surpass in the coming weeks, as well.

Yet, will it ultimately freeze out the competition to become the highest grossing animated film? Stay tuned!

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