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Elaine Stritch On New NYC, Theatre Culture & Broadway Return

Elaine Stritch On New NYC, Theatre Culture & Broadway ReturnLegendary stage and screen performer Elaine Stritch may have recently moved out of her longtime home of New York City, but she will always be a part of Broadway's iconic firmament byway of her many memorable appearances onstage and the actress opens up about the new NYC, theatre today and her Broadway return as part of an interview in promotion of the new documentary Elaine Stritch: SHOOT ME.

Commenting on the contemporary New York City and her personal opinion of the tone of today, Stritch says, "I don't like it anymore. It doesn't use your energy."

Additionally, Stritch shares that performers today generally lack her special star power, as well. "They're not as talented as I am," she says.

"I am extremely talented. There's nothing I can do about it - I'm just scared to death of my talent," Stritch opines.

Furthermore, Stritch decries the current theatre culture, as well, remarking, "I don't think it's as classy and as moving as it used to be."

Nevertheless, Stritch has not ruled out a return to the Great White Way in the near future, despite her octogenarian status.

"If I think I can learn it, I may agree to do Three Tall Women," Stritch says of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play by Edward Albee.

That moment cannot come soon enough for fans of this dynamic diva!

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