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Microsoft donates RIA Services code to Outercurve Foundation

October 14
8:45 2013
Microsoft donates RIA Services code to Outercurve Foundation

Project Encourages Further Evolution of RIA Services in the Open Source Community

BOSTON, Oct. 14, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ Microsoft has donated the RIA Services codebase to help launch a new Outercurve Foundation open source project called "Open RIA Services." Open RIA Services will simplify the development of cross-platform ASP.NET applications for the Web and be supported by community involvement.

RIA Services is a framework for building line-of -business and other n-tier applications. It provides the client/server interactions that are necessary to deliver rich desktop-like functionality. The project enables developers to write business logic on the familiar ASP.NET platform and reuse the same code for "thick" client user interfaces such as Silverlight or HTML 5 applications.

This project allows developers to spend more time focusing on their own application requirements and less time implementing communication protocols between the client and server due to the unit-of-work operations and deep validation functionality. RIA Services automatically composes libraries for each tier of the applications (i.e. client, server, and tooling).

The server-side libraries provide prescriptive patterns for business logic classes to communicate with data access libraries to define validation rules that apply on both the server and the client. The client-side libraries provide the underlying capabilities for the application client to communicate with the server and build the unit-of-work that will be sent to the server. The tooling libraries perform code generation to expose the server side entities and operations to the client with a rich and domain-specific programming model.

The Open RIA Services open source community has already created a roadmap of bug fixes, enhancements, and new releases for the project. Colin Blair, a Microsoft MVP who has focused on RIA Services for several years, is serving as the project leader.


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