Kanex Launches $99 meDrive - Make Your Own iOS Cloud

Kanex Launches $99 meDrive - Make Your Own iOS Cloud

Kanex, a leader of innovative Apple and iOS connectivity solutions for homes and businesses worldwide, today announced meDrive, a file server that turns USB storage into a network drive and can be accessed from an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Mac + PC

Kanex meDrive is a file server for iOS devices that allows you to expand storage and create your own local cloud using external USB storage for easy access or sharing. meDrive is connected to a local network, so it's always on; which makes files, media and other documents always accessible. iOS file management is available through the Kanex meDrive app, which is available at no cost at the Apple App Store. There are no extra service fees and users can have the peace of mind of private local storage. Users can also hot -swap in other USB storage drives to expand their storage needs. Mac + PC users will also find it easy to connect and manage files through OS X Finder and Windows Explorer.

"What makes the meDrive file server unique is that it has built-in WebDAV and Bonjour support which enables iOS devices to easily connect to the drive and read/write, access and share Apple iWork files such as Keynote, Pages, and Numbers," said, Kelvin Yan, Kanex president. "meDrive basically becomes your WebDAV server for your iPad. And because it's connected to a network, any other devices can connect, share and access files on the drive including OS X and Windows."

Users of Keynote, Pages and Numbers will find this device ideal for local file sharing with its built-in WebDAV support. Users can save iWork files directly to meDrive for local access and sharing.

Ideal for Educators, Home and Office Users

meDrive helps educators, home users and office workers to get more out of their iPad. For example, meDrive provides a simple solution for teachers to receive student assignments in the classroom done on the iPad. It also helps reduce internet bandwidth bottle neck, provides an alternative to cloud-based storage and gives users peace of mind for having local private storage with no monthly service fees.