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Intel to Launch TV Service in 2013 with Pick and Choose Networks?

January 2
3:04 2013
Intel to Launch TV Service in 2013 with Pick and Choose Networks?

Forbes is reporting that Intel has developed its own set-top box that would likely compete with devices from both Apple and Google, over consumers the ability to subscribe to specific channels and content -- including a cloud DVR and NO cable bundle.

They report "This set-top box, said by industry insiders to be available to a limited beta of customers in March, will offer cable channels delivered "over the top" to televisions anywhere there is an Internet connection regardless of provider."

Intel themselves already promotes upcoming SmartTV technology on their web site, noting:

Smart TVs are the next logical step in television technology, as they incorporate a computer and Internet access with high-quality screens. They allow viewers to check YouTube*, Facebook*, and other popular websites while watching TV.

In essence, smart TVs bring the Internet into the living room. As the technology improves, many of these sets are becoming as capable as standard computers when it comes to web browsing and even Internet video.

Will they soon get even smarter? We hope so!


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