Easymeeting.net Announces Android Support Added to Cloud Connectivity

Easymeeting.net Announces Android Support Added to Cloud Connectivity

With its global headquarters in Tromso, Norway; and North American operations Mystic, Connecticut, Easymeeting.net prides itself on the user experience and total interoperability between the different end point solutions that small and large businesses use throughout the world. The services are available in different tiers based on the amount of same time participants a customer would like to connect into video meetings.

"Our platform is scalable, and flexible. We don't believe in charging per minute, or per device. Whether you are joining from Lifesize, Radvision, Cisco, Apple, Android, Dell or a Polycom system- we believe you should be able to easily connect to your business partners and customers in the cloud." said Evan J. Andriopoulos, CEO of Easymeeting.net.

"We continue to add the free services like mobile connectivity, our simplified dialing platform (EasyNumbers) and our Easymeeting Expert Customer Support to ensure that customers are able to connect, are comfortable to connect, and if they don't know how to connect- they know where to get the help. The premise of Easymeeting.net is that dialing into a video conference should be just as easy as dialing someone on a telephone. Previously, the video conferencing world has over priced, and over complicated itself and we are trying to bring video back to the small and medium businesses" followed Raymond Sebergsen, Product Manager of Easymeeting.net.

The Android App is available in the Google Play store and can be used to access the Easymeeting cloud with the users EasyConference credentials provided through companies existing Easymeeting accounts. There are free trial options available to test the EasyConference Virtual Meeting Room services for a period of time for interested parties.

For more information of Easymeeting.net visit http://www.easymeeting.net or Follow the company on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/easymeeting ) Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/easymeetingnet, ) and LinkedIn(http://www.linkedin.com/company/easymeeting)