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Dropbox Delivery" href=""> is making news again. First it was video streaming to tablets and mobile phones. Now it's the new Dropbox delivery method.

For individuals and organizations that sell digital content, the new Dropbox delivery method allows purchased content to be pushed to a Dropbox account for viewing across multiple devices.

Here's how it works for sellers.

A) Seller uploads a digital product to
B) Seller chooses a delivery method (Download, Stream, or Dropbox)
C) Seller links their web site, blog or social page to their store

Here's how it works for buyers.

A) Buyer finds the sellers web site, blog or social page
B) Buyer visits the store and purchases a digital product
C) Buyer pushes the digital product it to their Dropbox (download or stream too)

"The Dropbox delivery method is great news for our customers," explains Art DeVaughn, Director of Operations. "Buyers want to access their content on multiple devices. Now sellers can deliver digital content the way buyers want it."

To learn how you can benefit from using and the new Dropbox delivery method, sign up today. It's free to get started and affordable to stay after your up and running.