Bazaart Launches iPhone App to Help Pinterest Users Create Pin Collages

Bazaart Launches iPhone App to Help Pinterest Users Create Pin Collages

Israel based startup Bazaart announces the launch of the Bazaart iPhone application, available on the iTunes App Store for free. Part collage app, part social network, the Bazaart application is designed to help you be more creative and make collages from Pinterest pins.

"Up until now, people could only use Bazaart to make collages on the iPad." said Stas Goferman, co-founder and CEO of Bazaart. "That tended to limit them to a weekend or late night type of activity. Not to mention that a lot of people who wanted to use Bazaart could not, simply because they did not have an iPad. With the new iPhone app more people will be able to make collages, whenever they want to, and wherever they are. We are here to enable people to boost their creativity."

With the Bazaart iPhone app, we start by allowing you to get inspired by collages made by the Bazaart community. When you're feeling creatively fueled, you can start making your own collages, either by continuing one of the existing collages and giving it a new interpretation, or by making one from scratch. People use Bazaart to create art, make greetings cards, visualize their shopping list, illustrate room makeover ideas, and more.

The photos used to make the collages can be pulled from any user's boards on Pinterest, or from our popular boards, so you don't have to have a Pinterest account in order to use Bazaart. Bazaart's simple to use editor allows you to cut out the background automatically with an advanced computer vision algorithm, and with your fingertips, copy, flip, rotate, scale and position the photos in your collage.

"We took great care to adjust the user interface design and the photo manipulation algorithms to the iPhone, so that the people can play around with the photos on the canvas, as easily as they can on the iPad." Says Stas. "Our users are not professional collage artists, they're just people who like to be creative and enjoy beautiful photos. We want to provide them with the best experience, whether they're commuting on the train or lounged peacefully on their sofa at home."