VIDEO: Tom Ford Weighs in on Red Carpet Fashion

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Designer Tom Ford appeared on talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live this week and was very candid about his opinions on dressing actresses for the red carpet, especially The Oscars.

Ford told Kimmel, "I don't necessarily love the process. It's not a creative process dressing actresses for the Oscars. When you're dressing an actress, or even sometimes someone getting married, you're working with them and fulfilling their dream, their agent's dream, their husband's dream. They have a preconceived notion of what they want to wear, what they want to look like, how they're marketing this film-and you're kind of really just making something for them that's not particularly important."

Ford went on to express his opinion on the red carpet coverage as a whole, saying, "It's a bubble of 1950s Barbie clothes, it's quite different from what real people are really wearing."

I get what he is saying, but I still love every second of the fashion from the evening and cannot wait to see what people will be wearing!

VIDEO: Tom Ford Weighs in on Red Carpet Fashion

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