How to Survive New York Fashion Week

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How to Survive New York Fashion Week

With all of the chaos during New York Fashion Week every February, it's not always easy to keep up! Especially for all of the out-of-town visitors, it can be tough to navigate New York's massive shopping scene. How will you ever make it through the week in one piece? Not to worry - ShopTrotter is here to the rescue! See below for our essential Fashion Week survival guide, featuring several tips from in-the-know celebrity stylists.

ShopTrotter's Fashion Week Survival Guide:

(1) Pack plenty of snacks! "Sometimes it's hard to find the time to eat!" bemoans celebrity fashion stylist, Robyn Goldberg. To combat those unwelcome 'hanger' pains, she suggests packing a protein bar in your purse. International celebrity stylist Ann Caruso adds in her two cents, advising others to pack "healthy snacks in [your] bag like walnuts and almonds." Seems easy enough!

(2) Hydrate. Let's face it - running from show-to-show is exhausting! Don't forget to give your body the fuel it needs to recover. Caruso recommends, "drink green juices as much as [you] can and lots of water!"

(3) Use ShopTrotter to shop with ease. New York's shopping scene can feel like one giant rat maze. Make your life easier by using the ShopTrotter app! Map out your route ahead of time, or simply use the geo-location feature to find stores nearby.

(4) Invest in a portable charger. With all the tweeting, texting and Instagramming, there's no telling how long your phone will weather the storm! Best be safe and pack yourself a back-up charger. You won't want to miss out on that perfect Instagram-worthy runway moment!

(5) Uber is your friend. "If you can afford it, try to get a car service or hook up with friends who do, [especially] when you have back-to-back shows in difference places," Caruso advises, "so you are not killing yourself trying to find taxis and then being late to shows!"

(6) Bring flats! Your feet deserve it. Really! "Keep a pair of flats in your bag for running around in between shows. Those heels can get your feet after a full day of running back and forth!" says Goldberg.

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