Bella Fashion Announces New Butterfly Themed Accessories

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Bella Fashion Announces New Butterfly Themed Accessories

Bella Fashion announced the arrival of new butterfly themed accessories, including the new Butterfly Hair Clip with Crystal Streamers and versatile mini butterfly pins. Butterflies are symbols of love, good luck, and transformation, and are among the most beautiful of creatures, so it comes as no surprise that women have always made them a favorite accessory pick. From Middle Ages ladies to modern celebrities, women have worn stunning butterfly themed accessories, and Bella Fashion's new arrivals make the style accessible for the luxurious lepidopteran lover in all of us.

It's said that Audrey Hepburn wore a gorgeous gifted butterfly brooch in the 1950's, a decade characterized by classic styles that have never lost their charm. The timeless and enduring sophistication of butterfly ornaments is still available in 2013, with Bella Fashion's new products. The butterfly hair clips with glittering crystals along the butterfly's wings and dangling streamers of crystal trails are perfect for that feminine, glamorous look. The new products are available in different styles, with crystals in pink, blue, purple, and red, starting at only $5.63.

Butterflies also have a history of being a style pick of royalty. Princess Grace Kelly wore a beautiful butterfly pin in the 1960s, and modern stars have taken a leaf from her book: Blake Lively has been spotted in a turquoise and gold butterfly pendant with a similar four-figure price tag. Butterfly accessories combine a free-spirit with sophistication, but this high-end vibe doesn't have to come with prices that leave butterflies in the stomach at the checkout, thanks to these new products. Bella Fashion now offers brand new butterfly pins at a minuscule fraction of these designer price tags. For example, the beautiful gold rimmed mini butterfly pin is available at only $1.00 wholesale or $1.50 retail, with bright white crystals. Other color options available include dark nickel plating with ruby red crystals, and even a few silver rimmed pins with blue stones.

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