Sean Fader's #WISHINGPELT Set for PULSE NY, 5/8-11

Sean Fader's #WISHINGPELT Set for PULSE NY, 5/8-11

Sean Fader's #WISHINGPELT returns, May 8-11 at PULSE Contemporary Art Fair's ninth edition of PULSE New York at The Metropolitan Pavilion. This make-a-wish interactive performance piece asks visitors to rub artist Sean Fader's chest hair while confiding their greatest wish to him. For the wish to come true, a photo capturing this moment must be hashtagged and uploaded to social media outlets with #wishingpelt.

Sean Fader is one of the only artists worldwide to use social media as the medium for his art. In so doing, he explores the transformative power of social media to actualize our interconnectivity, wants, and needs. Having held performances in Chicago at Defibrillator non-profit performance art gallery and in New York at SPRING/BREAK Art Show, #WISHINGPELT was selected as one of the feature presentations of PULSE Projects-PULSE Contemporary Art Fair's series of audience-engaging large-scale sculptures, installations, and performances.

Under the direction of Helen Toomer, newly appointed Director, PULSE presents a revitalized platform for discovering contemporary art and demonstrates its commitment to the exchange of ideas from pioneering and seasoned artists. Fader's May 2014 site-specific iteration of #WISHINGPELT-created specifically for PULSE-will feature elements which play with aspects of the commercial arena of the art fair and the greater art market. Visitors will photograph their experiences and post images and comments on Instagram with the hashtag #wishingpelt. An archive of these moments from past performances-a monument to the faithful who have experienced the mystery and magic of the pelt-appear at

Whether your career's at a standstill, your social life is non-existent, your bank account's nearing empty, or your wrinkles and age spots are multiplying by the second, you could use the kind of reliable wish-fulfillment that so many have come to trust. Rainbows, magic lamps, horseshoes, and rabbits' feet are simply the useless trinkets of eras gone by. Let's be frank. Genies and fairy godmothers don't exist, and you need luck you can rely on.

That's why the modern man and woman turns to Sean Fader's #WISHINGPELT. Fader's chest hair has been imbued with the magic of the ages. One rub of his prodigious body beard, and your problems become ancient history. But what do I do if I'm unable to pilgrimage to this Mecca of the pectorals, you ask? Or, what if I need more luck than one quick visit to Fader's podium will confer? For you, there's the #WISHINGPELT Lucky Chest Hair Necklace. This amulet enshrines a single strand of Fader's famed fur. Wearing this is more than enough lucky mojo to make all your dreams come true. Believe it, and buy it! It's chestacular!

And for a limited time, you can order your very own #WISHINGPELT Lucky Chest Hair T-Shirt! Want the blessing of pectoral locks without having to grow your own? Special for PULSE, special for YOU, you can fake it, til you make it, with this limited edition tee!

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