Miami's New World School of the Arts Receives $500,000 from Knight Foundation to Fund Cultural Field Trips

Miami's New World School of the Arts Receives $500,000 from Knight Foundation to Fund Cultural Field Trips

New World School of the Arts (NWSA) visual arts students seeking a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Miami Florida, will take an international trip during their senior year, with $500,000 in new support from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

"So many of Miami's best artists are born and raised here, and often attend New World School of the Arts. We want them to ultimately make South Florida their home. But it's important that they see the greater world of art beyond our borders, as these cultural field trips allow them to do," said Dennis Scholl, vice president for arts at Knight Foundation.

Knight's funding is part of $23 million in new support recently announced for South Florida's diverse and dynamic cultural community, bringing the foundation's total to $86 million in six years.

Created by NWSA faculty and Miami gallerist Fredric Snitzer with support by Miami art collectors Carlos and Rosa de la Cruz, the international travels gives students the opportunity to experience the artistic wonders and vibrant cultures of other countries in order to augment and enhance their own artistic outlook.

"The trip, which offers the students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture of other countries, allows them to experience, first-hand, much of the art they have only learned through books. This enables them to expand their artistic awareness and understand that art does not have boundaries and does not discriminate it is a global and ever-growing fusion of concepts and ideas," said Maggy Cuesta, dean of visual arts at New World School of the Arts.

Among the art-enriched cities that NWSA BFA students have visited in years past as part of the BFA journey is Venice, where they visited Palazzo Ducale in Piazza San Marco, La Fenice Opera House and the world-recognized Guggenheim Collection and Francois Pinaiult Collection. They also attended the 54 th Venice Biennale housed in the historical Pavilions of Giradini. In Berlin, the students toured historical museums and sites in the area of Mitte and enjoyed the prominent Boros Art Collection and Hoffman Art Collection.

"New World's emphasis on professional training is brought to a stunning apex for these BFA graduates with the opportunity to meet the leading collectors, gallerists and museum directors around the world. We are so thankful to Carlos and Rosa de la Cruz and the Knight Foundation for their visionary support. The world view gained in this travel directly translates back to Miami as our graduates join the ranks of young professional artists in our community," said Jeffrey Hodgson, Provost of New World School of the Arts.