L'Art to Present LANDMARK as Inaugural Exhibition of L'Art Projects, 3/29

L'Art to Present LANDMARK as Inaugural Exhibition of L'Art Projects, 3/29

On Saturday, March 29th, L'Art Projects ( is proud to present its inaugural exhibition Landmark - a group show of thirteen dynamic artists with work spanning painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, installation, light projection, neon and more. Each artist's oeuvre is concerned with the human relationship to the lived environment, whether it is the urban landscape or natural phenomena. Set in a private home in the Hollywood Hills - with a stunning view of the city lights and bustling main artery of Sunset Boulevard on one side and the tranquil rolling hillside on the other - the exhibition venue is a live example of the themes represented in the artwork.

L'Art Projects was conceived with the desire to showcase and foster the work of emerging artists in intimate settings. Its program creates unique environments to present a rich variety of new and exciting work, while connecting artists and collectors through a mix of special events, including public and private exhibitions, artist talks, private dinners, museum and gallery walks and workshops.

Several of the artists tackle domestic issues and the relationships we have with each other. Brian Rea, celebrated illustrator for The New York Times, will present a series of drawings commissioned by the Pulitzer Prize winning publication. He will debut a rare collaboration with lifelong ceramicist Elaine Asada, who brings the drawings to life with her poignant sculptures. Thomas Doyle will contribute his famed miniature scale model sculptures, exhibited the world over. Similarly, Yoskay Yamamoto's wood sculptures, influenced by both Japanese kawaii (a Japanese adjective for "cute" or "darling") and Western pop art, shutter their eyes closed as they meditate upon - or refuse to acknowledge-the folly and futility of human life.

Sarah Jones will unveil a brand new, site-specific sculptural work using found materials from the Los Angeles landscape, including asphalt, seashells and urban detritus.

In her silkscreened City Studies, artist Flora Kao layers metropolitan grids upon one another so that legibility is obscured. These nonsensical maps represent Los Angeles and its idiosyncratic, befuddling urban sprawl.

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