Girls' Club Artists in Action! Series Enters Fifth Year

Girls' Club Artists in Action! Series Enters Fifth Year

In conjunction with the Girls' Club exhibition I think it's in my head, the public is invited to attend four Friday evening presentations by prominent locals artists whose works are featured in the exhibition.

Curated by artist team Tasha and Monica Lopez de Victoria, known as the TM Sisters, I think it's in my head is a selection of fifty works from the collection of Francie Bishop Good and David Horvitz that inspire contemplation of the esoteric and the extra-sensory. The works on view come in a diverse range of media and techniques, and the title of the exhibition is derived from a pink and blue neon text work by British artist Tracey Emin.

Artists in Action! artists Harumi Abe, AdrienneRose Gionta, Jiae Hwang, Dinorah de Jesus Rodriguez each construct their works using unique processes that range from the handmade (analog) to the high tech (digital). Harumi Abe will share her approach to painting emotionally loaded landscapes and interiors. AdrienneRose Gionta manipulates digital imagery to comment on identity. Jiae Hwang weaves together diverse media, from sculpture and murals to video and digital animation to create enigmatic works. Dinorah de Jesus Rodriguez alters found 16mm film footage by scratching, coloring, bleaching and inserting subliminal imagery and sound.

Each evening's presentation illuminates the questions and struggles facing contemporary artists today. How do artists isolate their individual processes and career strategies amidst the plethora of available media and techniques? How has the easy access to digital imaging technology affected contemporary art? All four artists will share their inspirations, career paths and ah hah! moments with the public. A lively atmosphere and stimulating discussion is guaranteed. Attendees can expect a different experience each time, and they are encouraged to attend all four presentations.

At each event, Girls' Club will release an affordably priced limited edition multiple produced by the artists for sale to the public. These multiples are all priced under $100 and range in object and function. Each object is created in collaboration with Girls' Club and is informed by the artists' interests. This is an opportunity for budding art collectors to own one copy of a signed, limited edition work, published by Girls' Club. For example, artist Harumi Abe has created an edition of hand painted virtual postcards of her future journeys to notable American parks and nature preserves. Artist and FIU professor AdrienneRose Gionta has come up with an interactive artist book featuring an ongoing illustration project between herself and her late great aunt.

Artists in Action!, now in its fifth year at Girls' Club, is free and open to the public, held on Friday evenings beginning March 21. These events have been well-attended in previous years, and it is advisable to RSVP.

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