EZPhotoScan.com Donates Scanning Equipment to Apopka Historical Society and Museum

The new archiving equipment will be available to the public with Museum volunteer assistance, and plans are underway for preservation training classes within the community.

Since the equipment is mobile, a community history booth can be set up for certain community events, and Museum volunteers will be able to help members of the Apopka community scan their treasured documents and photos to share as part of the Museum's Permanent Collection.

Included in the Museum's Permanent Collection are an 1887 map of Apopka, an early school days exhibit, 19th century photos of area homes and buildings, foot pedal sewing machines, early kitchen appliances and household items, citrus, cattle, and farming industry memorabilia, old tools, a wine press, a corn shiller, saddles and lanterns. The Indian Room Collection contains artifacts from the Lake Apopka area. The Meeting Room and Library contain scrapbooks filled with Apopka history, maps, newspaper clippings, photographs and microfilm from The Apopka Chief Newspaper, and additional printed materials available for research.

Lippert is committed to spreading the word on how digital technology is impacting the world of picture taking, sharing and preservation. EZPhotoScan.com is a member of the Outreach Group of the Library of Congress' National Digital Stewardship Alliance, and Lippert is member of the Association of Personal Historians.

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